Friday, November 17, 2017

Holiday Gift Sets

Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal!
We set up a sweet eco-friendly gift package for you! 

Order any straw up to 7" long and a brush and get a free Shorty Cream color hemp sleeve as pictured by writing in the comments "Free hemp sleeve". 
**Value of $16 each**

Eligible straws include:
Earth Straws 5" (+/- 1/4") in 9.5mm or 12mm
Simple Elegance 7mm x 6.25"
Decorative Dots 7mm x 6.25"
Lid Straw 8mm x 7"
Simple Elegance 9.5mm and 12mm in 6.25" and 7". 

We recommend these straws for cocktails, children and even tea and coffee!
There is a perfect straw for everyone!

**Sets of 4 of any of the above would also qualify for a free Shorty hemp sleeve in Cream color with a request in the Comments section.
*Sale ends 11/30/2017
50% off OJT Straws
Set of 4 was $29.99 - now ONLY $15.00!!

Through the years, GlassDharma has strive to produce the best quality glass straws possible. Needless to say - that in that process of training employees, we have accumulated quite a few straws that did not pass our stringent QC standards. We refer to them as OJT straws (on the job training). For many it would be hard to tell why they are considered seconds! 

These OJT Straws go through the same exact processes 
that all of our industry leading straws go through!

They ARE guaranteed not to have any cracks. 
They are structurally just as durable and safe as our regular straws.
You are welcome to purchase more than 1 set as long as supplies last.  

They are listed under New Stuff
Use 50% off coupon code: OJT50
You can purchase as many as supplies last
This pre-bundled set includes: 
  • 2 - 9.5 x 9" Ice Tea Beautiful Bends
  • 2 - 12mm x 9" Smoothie Beautiful Bends
(Value if from regular stock would be $42!)
The finer print: 
  • This bundle does not include a cleaning brush but can be added to the cart by selecting "Continue Shopping" and then "Accessories" 
  • These straws DO NOT come with our satisfaction or breakage guarantees. 
  • All straws are sold as is and do not include boxes. 
  • All sales of cosmetically challenged straws are final.
  • No substitutions please
  • Expires 11/30/2017 

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