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Earth Day 2016: 500 GlassDharma Glass Straw Giveaway!

(Ft. Bragg, CA) - March 1, 2016 – 
How many of us have ordered a drink or glass of water at a restaurant, bar or cafe and noticed how often a single-use plastic straw is automatically placed in our glass? How many of us have ordered a drink and said “no straw please” only to then receive one when your drink was brought out? How many of us have brought our own reusable GlassDharma straw, shown it to the server or barista and then STILL received a plastic one with your drink? ...TOO MANY!

Consumer demand and feedback is a powerful mechanism for influencing company decisions. In honor of Earth Day 2016, we are giving away 1 free straw to each of the first 500 people who write letters to restaurants and restaurant suppliers regarding their plastic straw policies. We will also offer a $100 gift certificate for 2 grand prize winners! *International participants see below.
There are multiple campaigns going on around the world urging restaurants and entire municipalities to adopt "ask first" straw policies and to source plastic straw alternatives. More restaurants, cafes and bars are coming on-board every day, thanks to the inspired and forward-thinking advocacy of people like you! Some cities are even working on initiatives to ban single-use plastic straws altogether! Our last letter-writing campaign had over 600 letters submitted to restaurants worldwide!

You are invited to participate in the GlassDharma Glass Straw Giveaway for Earth Day 2016!

To enter, simply choose a restaurant or restaurant supplier and write a letter to the managers/owners suggesting they take responsibility for the growing amounts of single use straw trash that is clogging waterways, choking wildlife and littering our entire Planet. The letter is intended to spur thought and contain helpful suggestions of how they can be leaders in the changes that will heal our Earth’s trash problems. Keep in mind there are many people that do not even give a thought to where plastic straws might go to once they are “thrown away” or just how many accumulate over time!

Here are the steps to take to receive your free GlassDharma Earth Day Straw and how to qualify for the 2 Grand Prizes

1) Write and send at least 1 letter to a restaurant or restaurant supplier
-- 1st 500 people receive a free Earth Day Straw (*offer for US only - includes free shipping)
-- Each letter gives you 1 entry into the drawing for a $100 gift certificate (unlimited entries per person) This can include international.
-- We will also will award a separate $100 gift certificate to the person who sent the most letters! This can include international.
2) Copy your letter (or 1 version) into an email and send to earthdayglassdharma@gmail.com. Please include the contact info of the restaurant AND your personal contact info so that a free GlassDharma glass straw can be mailed to you.
Note: *Contact information for entrants and restaurants must include, full name, phone number, mailing address and email address.
3) In the email you may also let us know your preference for your free Earth Day straw - Ice Tea (9.5mm) or Smoothie (12mm) x 5" +/- 1/4". Honoring your preference depends on availability.  

When you write your letter(s) here are some points you may want to include for restaurants:
  • Suggest that they consider adopting an "ask first" policy before automatically giving out plastic straws (this is a cost savings to them!)
  • Ask that they consider using compostable straws instead of plastic ones
  • Suggest they encourage their customers to bring their own reusable straws (or even selling them at their restaurant!) They could consider offering GlassDharma Straws!
  • Check out thelastplasticstraw.org for more resources and ideas!
*GlassDharma will award one Grand Prize Winner a $100.00 gift certificate coupon code for the most letters written and one Grand Prize Winner a $100.00 gift certificate coupon code for the winner of the general drawing. Although people outside of the United States are not eligible for the free straw, they can submit letters to be entered into the Grand Prize gift certificates.

*Entries will be received through Earth Day, 4/22/2016. We will start shipping straws the beginning of March but don’t expect your straw before May. The Grand Prize drawing will be held the week after Earth Day and the Grand prize winner for most letters written will also be determined. In case of a tie for most letters written, the names will be put in a drawing.  Winners will be notified by email by April 30th.

*Family participation details - yes, kids can participate. There will be 1 straw per person who writes and sends us their own letter (up to the 500 people). Parents can send the email from their email address but must state that it is from their child with their name included and the letters need to be to different restaurants than their parents.

*While international participants will not be able to receive a free straw due to shipping costs, they can still participate and qualify for the 2 grand prizes. Follow the instructions for how to submit your letters and information via email.
Summary of Details
-- 1st 500 people receive a free Earth Day Straw (offer for US only - includes free shipping)
-- Each letter gives you 1 entry into the drawing for a $100 gift certificate (unlimited entries per person) This can include international submissions.
-- We will also will award a separate $100 gift certificate to the person who sent the most letters! This can include international submissions.
-- Watch our Facebook page for the announcement that 500 people has been reached -
we encourage you to enter early!  
--  Start Date is March 1st
-- Entries due by Earth Day April 22nd
-- Drawing is done and announced by April 30th
-- The Free Earth Day straw has a $9.00 value (including $3 shipping)
-- Email entries to earthdayglassdharma@gmail.com
Note:  There will be an auto-response to your emails of receipt but not necessarily that you have met the criteria for receiving a free straw.  You will receive notification within 1 week of submitting your letter(s) if you have met the qualifications. Please do not contact us until May regarding where your free straw is.

    GlassDharma was founded on the idea of starting with something small, simple and ordinary: a drinking straw! Replacing this one everyday single-use plastic item with a reusable alternative has become a “teaching tool” that inspires many to make a switch toward reducing waste and eliminating the need for plastics in general. GlassDharma’s vision of a clean planet and healthy environment for all who live here is reflected in every straw we sell. Please join us in our call to end single-use plastic straws by participating in our letter-writing campaign!

Happy Earth Day 2016 – from GlassDharma

GlassDharma - sip the world. make a difference.

For more information on GlassDharma, please visit www.glassdharma.com.

Questions about Earth Day 2016?
Contact: Gail or Stephanie
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  1. Great information and ideas how to end the use and making of straws that are made of plastic. Great job for real. I even learned some things I hadn't known before and if I have enough times before the deadline I think I will enter your contest. Wishing I had seen this earlier so I wouldn't be so rushed to the deadline of today it must be turned in.
    Thank you again! Stacey never q plastic straw for me girl.