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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2nd Annual GlassDharma Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Gifts for all ages from ($6.99 - $58.00)

This Holiday Season, use your purchasing power while choosing gifts for friends and family.  Gifting with sustainability in mind will go a long way toward planet care. What you buy and how you present your gift deserves careful thought.
This gift guide is published to inspire you to find that perfect gift that will be loved and useful.  Please do not forget to refer to our last year's Gift Guide that has many more good choices to consider. 

The new Bamboo Straw Lid for wide mouth or small mouth Mason Jars. Now available on the New Stuff page at ($17.00) 
These straw lids created by The Mason Bar Company have durability in mind with some special care in cleaning (no dishwasher).  A light rubbing of food grade oil will keep these lids like brand new. Sustainable, non-toxic, and reusable are the key factors of why you will want these lids.  Not to mention their beauty!  You can buy all of the lids including the storage lids (no straw hole) at The MasonBar Company.

Naughty or nice?  Yes!  A Lump of Charcoal as a Gift! (Various Kishu Charcoal Filter for pitchers ($15.49)
sizes available) but our most used is the
These plastic free filters will have your tap water tasting clean as it absorbs impurities immediately upon dropping it into your pitcher of water while also imparting healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. These give your water a delicious, clean taste. Once you have used it for 3 months, you can recharge it by boiling it for 5 minutes and it will last for another 3 months, totaling 6 months!  After you have used it for the 6 months, do not throw it away.  Use it as a deodorizer in pantries, closets and your shoes!

 Baby its Cold Outside! This Eco Insulator™ is the perfect jar jacket for your jars used for drink ware is available at Mason Monster. ($6.99 - $7.99)
These quality crafted 3MM EcoLite  Neoprene covers will keep your drinks hot (or cold) and your glass jar padded as you travel about,  The covers are offered in two sizes – pint and quart. The insulators are all reversible, giving the purchaser two-color combos within one product with 20 color different color choices!

Find this beautiful Olivewood Ladle at World Market ($14.99)
Every kitchen needs this beautiful and sustainable ladle for soups and beverages, this ladle is easy on the finish of your pots and does not scrape like metal utensils will. The natural grain of Olivewood makes this beautifully constructed ladle a work of art to display in your kitchen between uses. 

The gift of quality dish covers! Find these Reusable Russian Linen and Organic Cotton Dish Covers at Quitokeeto ($58.00)
This set of three covers comes in a linen bag and will fit pie plate size bowls on down to a smaller salad size bowl.  The same designer makes these quality made covers as GlassDharma family packs straw carriers! This gift will replace the need for plastic wrap for food storage while introducing quality, reusable choices to how you store your food.

KeepCup is the first barista standard reusable coffee cup to keep your coffee with you and say no plastic and paper cups!  These glass Keepcups are ($22.00 - $28.00)
They are offered in various styles and sizes.  The entire KeepCup reusable cup line includes glass and a glass and cork model that is our favorite. The drawback to this cup is that unlike other designs by KeepCup, the cork requires a careful hand wash vs. using a dishwasher.  Quality design makes these cups easy to transport with a swing top lid that plugs the sippy hole.  Our coffee straws and sipper straws will fit in these sippy holes.  The 8mm lid straw is a bit snug and may stretch the opening slightly.

ECOlunchbox recently launched a beautifully designed ocean collection of stainless steel and silicone lunch containers called the Seal Cup™ Trio ($29.99)
These leak proof food containers will stand up to the test of time in performance and durability.  Designed to be Ocean friendly, (just think of all that plastic that will never make it's way into the gyres) this collection is offered in ocean colors as part of the blue water bento collection (see the Splash Box on our last years holiday gift guide)
The Seal Cup Trio containers are offered in large, medium and small containers and will hold a total of 40 ounces (5 cups) of food contents and are great for picnics and outings as well as to pack your daily lunch.

 New! Lid Straws at GlassDharma ($8.50 each)
These 8mm (4mm inside diameter) glass straws are offered in 3 lengths, 7 inch (perfect for most jars), 8 inch and 9 inch and the diameter will fit into many straw holes and flexible sippy holes of various  reusable and disposable drink-ware.  This might be the perfect and most versatile straw to pack when traveling.  You can also purchase these Lid Straws in sets of 4 (this set includes a free cleaning brush) for ($34.00)

Diamond Glasses for the Elegant Cocktail or Juice Bar! 
($34.00) for a boxed pair at Urban Outfitters.
These novelty glasses come in a pair and are multi facetted like a diamond.  They sit slightly sideways but tilt back just enough to hold the liquid contents within and are sure to be a great conversation starter at any gathering.  Whiskey is not the only thing you might serve in these glasses, they are cool for Martinis, wine, and dessert liquors!

The Pop Top Lid for wide mouth jars! ($13.00)
GlassDharma now offers the stainless steel (with a silicone plug for a leak free closure) Pop Top Jar lid By Ecojarz. These lids fit the wide mouth mason jars (the jar bands are sold separately). The wide straw or pour out opening is wide enough to fit every GlassDharma straw, even the Bubble Tea Straws!  Seal it up with the plug and no worries for leaks and spills while you are out and about!

PopTop Sealable Drinking Jar Lid from EcoJarz on Vimeo.

JocoCups 8oz. ($22.95) 12oz. ($24.95) 16oz. ($26.95) are available on the JocoCups website.
These glass cups accessorized with silicone lids and sleeves are designed to enhance your morning brew, save your taste buds and help Mother Nature. The cups are offered in six different color choices and three sizes and are great for hot or cold beverages.  Dishwasher safe and easy to handle, these cups are durable and attractive.

 Story Time - The gift of time spent with children is most precious! Sharing and learning with your child cannot be bought with money, but choosing quality books to enhance the experience will provide valuable life's lessons to share with your child.  This book teaches about planet care while creating treasured times and memories for you and your child.
GlassDharma highly recommends All The Way to the Ocean  ($13.63) on Amazon
This is a beautifully illustrated, hard cover children's storybook written with passion and foresight, shows the reader the importance of planet care and explains how the storm drain in your city can actually carries unwanted trash and plastics right into our oceans! Read more about this precious storybook in our blog.

You will find some more wonderful, earth-friendly gift ideas on this GlassDharma Pinterest board, "Gifts for a Sustained Planet"

As you choose your gifts for loved ones, did you know that you can ask manufacturers and stores to package and ship plastic free?  Many customers are finding that they have a lot of success if they inquire about how their purchases are packed for shipping.  As more establishments honor these requests, it sets up a future where plastic free wrapping and shipping will become commonplace.  What a gift this would be to our precious planet!

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