Saturday, June 27, 2015

Paddling for Trash

H2O Trash Patrol

Plastic Debris
While manufacturing the most durable glass straw on the market, GlassDharma has made some friends along the way!  Many of these friends are organizers of beach cleanups from different coastline areas all over the world.  As organizers of these programs gather their volunteers, they use the time and experience to educate, furthering the efforts to inspire people to stop using single use plastic items - and to avoid generating trash altogether.  Many of these volunteers realize the impact of accumulating trash after picking it up, and then they ask, "What can we use if we refuse single use plastic?"  Here is where GlassDharma products provide a visual answer as a solution to saying no to plastic straws!  The thought process expands to reusable cups, reusable water bottles and  reusable picnic ware.  From there, ideas continue to expand and people find out it is possible, and even desirable, to replace all single use items with reusable items.

Recently, GlassDharma and H2O Trash Patrol became acquainted through a new eco manufacturer, Mason Monster.  H2O Trash Patrol is a program that organizes volunteers to clean up trash out of waterways in the south western Coastal regions.  Based in the Encinitas, California area, this organization inspires planet care as they combine water way cleanup with a fun water sport - stand up paddle boarding!  They use water recreation combined with voluntary water way cleanup to entice more people to join their efforts, and then use the program to educate and inspire!

H2O Trash Patrol specializes in cleaning up those "hard to reach" places in and around the water via Stand Up Paddleboards, leaving little to no footprint. We provide "custodial" services of the waterways for the benefit of the environment, public safety and health, and local businesses who utilize the nearby water as an added benefit to their local customers and tourists. Not only do we take the pollution out of the water, but we also pack it out, sort it, record the data, and recycle what we can to minimize the strain on the landfills.

The reasons for this massive effort to involve more people in these water way cleanup efforts are spelled out on the H2O Trash Patrol website "why" page.  The programs are growing along with the involvement of the public who are disgusted with the site of trash piling up everywhere along otherwise clean and beautiful parks, buildings and waterways in their local area.

Some of the programs provided by H2O Trash Patrol include:
• Marine Science Eco-Camp
• Stand Up for Clean Waterways
• One Simple Change
• 50-50-50 Challenge

On August 7, Taste of SoCAL Lagoon Style is sure to be a fun event as it raises funds for these worthwhile projects. To get your tickets, contact the H2O Trash Patrol Crew:
By Phone: (760) 230-5830
By Email:
By Mail: PO Box 231792
Encinitas, CA 92023

As Captain Charles Moore states, "The ocean is downhill from everywhere". Ocean cleanups begin in our city streets, storm drains, rivers and streams. Not just on beaches and out at sea. We can find ways to help no matter where we are! If we all pitch in, we can clean every corner of our planet as we learn to live more sustainably.

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