Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year - Fresh Start!

Starting the New Year Successfully

January brings us to a new milestone.  This annual chapter change in our lives is viewed as a chance to start fresh and clean, just like the fresh air, and the clean, white snow that January brings to many locations.  We can leave the old behind,  but take the lessons from the past and use the experiences and lessons that we learned to enhance our lives in the months that lie before us.

Change is exhilarating and we hope for the best in the days ahead as we make way for the unknown. With a New Year before us, we vow to eat a little less, exercise a little more, and prioritize our time so that nothing is wasted.

Tracy Russell - Incredible Smoothies
January is the month that is known for getting back on the health wagon after slipping a bit during those indoor Holiday gatherings and loads of food and drink everywhere we turn.  It is time to take a look at our habits and choices and find ways we can improve on ourselves.  As improvements take shape we are showing by example that life is good and that it pays to be the best that you can be by taking good care of ourselves!

Incredible Smoothies has a website full of information and recipes, showing how to make green smoothies and use them as a tool for healthy weight loss and as a good health habit.  Tracy Russell shows her readers how to choose good components to make smoothies at home and know the nutritional value or you can simply use the recipes provided.  The nutritional content on the recipes leaves the guess work out of your meal planning.

Leanne Vogel - Healthful Pursuit
The Health Pursuit website has a host of information and recipes that are helpful for those battling food allergies.  Gluten free and other diet restrictions are no longer problematic once you learn to use some new ideas for ingredients and learn how to create a good food plan for yourself.  Leanne Vogel shows you the way to being vibrantly healthy.

Ashley Melillo - Blissful Basil

Blissful Basil is a website that is loaded with recipes, photos, and great food ideas while you stay with your plans toward healthy food preparation  Ashley Melillo 's Vegan lifestyle, menus, recipes and photographs inspire the reader to know that good health does not have to mean sacrifice! Browse around the website for true inspiration toward leading a mindful and balanced life while making best dietary choices.

One thing that all of these health plans have in common is how they use smoothies to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.  This practice works whether you are choosing Raw foods, Vegan lifestyle, or Gluten free. The plant based diet is clearly an important health choice as studies reveal it provides the best sources for vitamins and nutrients that keep our bodies balanced and resistant to disease.

All of the authors of these websites love GlassDharma straws! They work well for smoothies, keep the taste true, and are super durable so there is no waste.  So no matter what your own resolutions are this year, consider you waist - and your waste! ... As you make choices toward best health.  Healthier people on a healthier Planet! We all win!

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