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GlassDharma 2014 Earth Day Trivia Project

Plastic is Drastic Trivia Project begins on March 10th, 2014

It’s finally here! In keeping with an annual tradition, GlassDharma is giving away 1000 free straws for Earth Day, 2014.

GlassDharma has been working on a Trivia Project for you and you are invited to participate beginning on March 10th. This link will take you to our Plastic is Drastic Trivia project. You will meet “GlassDharma Dude” and have access to our informational page. From there, answer 10 trivia questions correctly, and submit a form with your name and contact information so we can ship your free straw (if you are among the first 1000 to complete).

Why does GlassDharma have this annual tradition? We believe in reusable, sustainable living every day of the year, but this is a special day to draw attention to the need to be part of the Pollution Solution!

The first organized Earth Day event was April 22, 1970, following a huge oil spill in California. This brought attention to more problems involving pollution, pesticides, and detriments to the environment, all of which are man- made. This effort in 1970 increased each year thereafter, bringing together not just Americans but people across the globe for a common cause.

GlassDharma believes in the power of our actions to stop plastic pollution and knows that by providing resources to learn about this issue, in addition to awarding you your free Earth Day straw, you can make a difference!

This year’s Earth Day Straws are exclusive to this event and are not available from our current inventory. They also have a two fold purpose, allowing GlassDharma’s footprint to lessen at the same time as yours. There is always extra glass when straws are cut; some of this glass is very small in size, and often gets reused by local friends of GlassDharma for crafts and gardening purposes. Other cuts are just shy of being part of the “Shorty” size line, but are just as useful for mugs, short glasses, and stemware; these are this years Earth Day Straws!

Participants will get to choose the diameter of their straw, a 9.5mm (Ice Tea Straw) or 12mm (Smoothie Straw). The Earth Day straws are made with the same high quality borosilicate glass using the same specific annealing formula exclusive to GlassDharma straws. Their durability is comparable to all of our other straws and they come with the same Lifetime Guarantee against breakage.

GlassDharma will ship the 1000 free straws out of Fort Bragg, California starting on the 1st of April, 2014, and continue for the duration of the month. This offer is good in the USA only.

* Did you receive an email confirmation from GlassDharma?  If not (make sure to check your spam folder), please re-check every step in your entry process to assure your submission to our 1000 Free Straw Giveaway for Earth Day 2014.  Only participants with email confirmation will be eligible for a free straw.

Update March 18, 2014:

GlassDharma reached the goal of 1000 trivia participants for a free straw in less than 48 hours-- the fastest event to date! We had so many eager participants and could not have reached these numbers so quickly without you. We know that everyone who receives their new straw will be instrumental in reducing plastic waste on our planet.
It is not over yet though--we decided to include a bonus to those after the initial 1000 to show our appreciation for your desire to learn how to be the Pollution Solution.

While the first 1000 completed participants will receive a free Earth Day Straw, later entries in the trivia project will be given a one time use coupon code for the value of the Earth Day Straw.

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Earth Day Glass Straw ready to sip!
Earth Day Mixology by Art of the Drink:

Anthony Caporale from Art Of The Drink will fill this glass with his new Earth Day Cocktail created in honor of Earth Day 2014.  Two recipes will be provided, one for an Earth Day Cocktail and another for an Earth Day Mocktail. Stay tuned for our next GlassDharma E-newsletter to check out this latest creation.

You can read more about Anthony Caporale by visiting:


Olivia Ku from Love Health Fitness on YouTube shows you how to use your new Earth Day Straw in this DIY for her specialty Earth Day inspired drink recipes.

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