Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Milo Cress, BeStrawFree.org

GlassDharma applauds the efforts of 12 year old Milo Cress and the growing Be Straw Free movement. His message of education about the huge amount of plastic straws ending up in landfills and oceans is in total alignment of GlassDharma’s message. People who do choose to use straws can easily switch over to reusable straws like GlassDharma’s glass straws, or even stainless steel, bamboo or compostable straws. It feels great to know that you are doing something good for the environment! Milo is fundraising for his international travels. You can donate directly on his website (see below) and/or you can purchase GlassDharma straws on our website and use the Discount Code of BSF. This will give you a 10% discount and an additional 30% of each purchase goes to support Milo getting his message out. And what a great message it is! Thanks, Milo, for encouraging the youth all over the world to go out and "make a difference"!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Milo Cress and I am now on my first International Speaking Tour.  I am 12 years old.

Here is the link to my webpage - Be Straw Free, so you can see more of what I do with my project and about my International Speaking Tour.

I just returned from Australia, where I spoke to 1,500+ students and adults at various schools and events, and I am now headed to DC and on to Europe before going to Singapore, Malaysia, S. Korea, New Zealand and back to Australia. My presentation is called "Let's Create the Future!" and I talk about how kids can find and get involved in projects and issues important to them, because this planet is not a place kids will inherit at some point far off in the distant future, we live here now, we share this planet already. 

My project, called Be Straw Free encourages restaurants and schools to offer straws instead of serving one with every drink automatically.  The National Restaurant Association as well as several Members of Congress, Governors, and Mayors have declared offering straws a Best Practice. I am also working toward ways the offer-first policy can be implemented in National Parks, etc., without legislation- because I think it can become standard that straws are offered to customers instead of being served automatically, without any legislation or mandate, through education and information instead. (There are several precedents set for this - restaurants offering water instead of serving automatically, grocers offering shoppers the choice between paper and plastic bags and offering incentives to shoppers who bring their own bags, etc.) 

Change can happen through education and information - many changes do not have to be legislated.

My project has gained a lot of momentum from its first appearance on a TV news program, when I was 9, to now, two years later, with people and businesses in over 30 countries currently participating, and by winning various national and international awards and recognitions, including the coveted Blue Turtle Award from Jean-Michel Cousteau, the Everyday Young Hero Award, from Youth Service America, the Eco-Hero Award from Action for Nature, recognition from the National and Colorado Restaurant Associations, and several other awards and recognitions.

It might interest you to know that for Earth Day 2013, Xanterra (largest concessionaire in US Parks Service) asked me to team up with them to launch their new waste reduction initiative at all their Park properties. (Park employees report that straws are the #2 type of trash picked up in Park clean-ups - just behind bottle caps, they are also one of the most common types of trash recovered in beach clean-ups.) I would love to see this implemented (voluntarily) in all our National Parks. I don't think there is a need for legislation on this - I think the Parks will do this voluntarily if encouraged.

This is a simple, easy change to make:
This is one small step for each restaurant, one giant leap for the planet!

I have been invited to speak at universities, schools, events and conferences, including Boston University twice, LOHAS 2012, Colorado Oceans Coalition Symposium 2012, the 2012 National PRBBI Convention of Best Practices for the largest restaurant chains in the US, and other conferences, and schools around the US, 10 schools in the Sydney (Australia) metro area, Kimbriki event (Sydney Australia) and been featured in regional, national and international TV news stories, including CNN and many others. 

How did all of this start?  Checkout this video.

Since this started I testified before the Vermont legislature, met with the entire Congressional delegation of Vermont in DC, and Governor Shumlin (VT). The Mayor of Burlington VT, Mayor Hancock, of Denver and Mayor Hay (Manly, NSW Australia) all declared offering straws to customers a Best Practice in their cities.
Governor Hickenlooper declared a Straw Free Day in Colorado last month, on July 11th. 

mayor, be straw free, glassdharma, straw, straw free, Denver, Colorado
Mayor Hancock of Denver and Milo Cress

I am scheduled to meet with Congressman Polis, Senator Mark Udall and other Congressional Members and leaders of governmental and NGO environmental departments and organizations in DC.

Straws may seem small- but they really add up! 
We use about 500 million straws per day in the US alone, which is enough to fill more than 46,400 large yellow school buses per year. Participating restaurants report back to me that 50-80% of customers choose not to take a straw when offered, so this is a very simple solution, with no need for legislation or mandate. People and businesses are joining in to participate voluntarily - with great results.

I am not trying to ban straws - anyone who wants or needs a straw should get one- but we can greatly reduce the number of straws we use to only the number we need to use, simply by encouraging restaurants, schools and others to offer straws instead of serving one with every drink automatically. And that's my goal.

Thanks for your interest in my project and for your time.
Milo Cress
Founder and Spokesperson for BeStrawFree

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Mid Summer Sip" Photo Contest Winners Announced!

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1st place $100.00 gift code
to @gladperez
The Mid Summer Sip contest featuring posted photos of GlassDharma Glass Straws in action produced some wildly creative and beautiful images!

There were so many "winning" entries that it was difficult to choose 5 finalists for the drawing for First and Second place prizes.

We are showing the five chosen photos including our First and second place winners. You can view all of the entries by using the hashtag #midsummersip in the search box on Instagram and Twitter.

  We encourage continued posts by sippers that use Glass Straws to help get the message out about how elegant and fun using glass straws can be. More glass straws = less plastic waste so your photos are a big contribution towards promoting a healthy planet.

 Thank you to every participant who posted!  Together we "make a difference".
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2nd place - $50.00 gift code
to @crazyseal21

Our plans are to occasionally feature Instagram posts photos of our straws in future GlassDharma newsletters so watch for yours over time.

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Chocolate Covered Raspberry Green Smoothie
 by @kezzadowski
Vanilla Cherry Bliss @rawveganista
Canada Day Picnic
by @littlegreydress