Tuesday, July 16, 2013

GlassDharma Introduces the New Counter Display to Business Owners and Straw Users!

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Product display is a key element for retail stores to consider when they take on new products into their inventory. GlassDharma glass straws and accessories now have a new counter display designed with store management and customer appeal forefront to the design. This compact, easy to reach and visually appealing display is designed to be user friendly, shipping friendly and works well in almost any type of space. Customers can see what is offered and can easily choose their purchases of GlassDharma products.

 The counter display is specifically designed for our new "Brick and Mortar" packaging but will accept the Online-Shipping friendly boxes as well. This display is light, easy to put together and keeps your inventory contained and easy to keep track of.

 Why does GlassDharma offer two different types of packaging for our straws? Online shipping is a huge "eco" issue at GlassDharma with the design of the boxes streamlined for safe shipping without the need for a lot of excess packaging and added weight. These chipboard boxes remain popular with companies that sell to a heavy online sales base and are what your GlassDharma straws will come in if you place your order on the GlassDharma website. The new packaging serves to protect the inventory and display it with easy to hook cutouts in the packaging and colorful illustrations.

 As word gets out about GlassDharma products, these packaging options will help to give different store setups a way for easy sales and tracking of inventory. And, speaking of the "word getting out" we have many calls about why consumers are not able to find our straws in their local stores. It is a great help that some of our most loyal customers are requesting their own local stores to carry our products! This is cause for our Management Team to create some Referral Incentive Rewards - to be announced in our next e-newsletter due to be emailed in September.

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  1. This is an awesome idea. I use straws with my can's of soda I drink and that's because I know what happens to them sitting in a warehouse.(the can's)I never thought about the landfill. So thanks for making me aware. I love the idea and I'll have to get me one. If the price is right.