Friday, April 26, 2013

"underground" part 2

Drink-ware options are expanding, particularly within the concepts of "spill proof" and "travel friendly" choices.  The "sports bottle" is no longer exclusive to the athletic population; it now provides an answer to choosing a reusable option of having your beverage handy regardless of your lifestyle.

Eliminating plastic parts in these travel friendly drink-ware designs is challenging manufacturers as they offer new designs.  The requests for glass over plastic materials have some groundbreaking innovations hitting the store shelves, and more to come.

The new glass Camelbak "Eddy" drink bottle received customer reviews on Amazon including one from a consumer that had replaced the interior plastic straw with a GlassDharma glass straw cut to a specific length of 7 3/8 inches. Since this review was posted, a flood of orders came into the shipping department at GlassDharma. Our shipping manager, Daryl discovered the reason for so many same size custom requests and alerted other staff members of his findings.

Special order straw sizes and dimensions are occasionally requested by customers. These orders are filled by GlassDharma as a customer service policy with an additional fee of $2.00 per straw. Once the item is repeatedly requested by other customers, it becomes a "word of mouth" category item and is placed on a menu we affectionately call "underground". The item is now a stock item so the custom order fee is no longer applied.

The Camelbak "Eddy" quickly made its way into the GlassDharma facility only to disappoint those who prefer to drink from glass.  The silicone mouthpiece requires a "bite" to open the self-sealing hole.  This idea is not so appealing to many glass straw sippers and a glass insert mouthpiece was quickly fashioned from a "coffee straw" cut to a 1 1/2 inch length.

Inserted properly, the mouthpiece will not completely "self-seal" while installed but the lid will still close with the swing-over flip action and the straw insert will stay intact. Removal of the glass insert will allow the mouthpiece to completely reseal.  The insert can be tucked right into the side of the silicone casing for easy transportation.

If the small straw insert is not placed far enough down into the mouthpiece straw opening, the reservoir can fill up with the fluid and burp or spit out the straw insert when you pick it up.  Likewise, if you push it too far down, it can become lodged inside the flexible mouthpiece requiring a pair of tweezers to extract it!

GlassDharma offers two glass inserts:

Camelbak(pak) large insert: 7 3/8inch X 12mm - $9.00
Camelbak(pak) small mouthpiece insert: 1 1/2 inch X 7mm - $4.00
Camelbak(pak) both inserts: - $12.00

From our inbox:
Hi there!!

I just received my small glass straw attachment for my CamelBak glass water bottle and can't say enough about it!! What a difference!!!!

I already use the glass straw attachment for the inside of my bottle,  but did not like using the 'plastic squeeze' no matter how much it prevented water or drinks from spilling. Now I have the very best of both worlds!

You merely squeeze and insert the small straw attachment into the hole of the mouth piece and it fits perfectly, and securely, into the top  leaving you plenty of room to enjoy your favorite drink without touching the plastic tip.

Thank you GlassDharma, I now have the perfect solution for my  CamelBak bottle! I look forward to a long life of your products and will check back regularly for new ones!!!

~ Cynthia, Massachusetts

Until these new options are placed on the "underground" menu, simply call or email customer service with your request for your own Camelbak(pak) inserts.
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  2. I bought this, it's in a league of it's own. Must have. BUT, make this post more available on the site please, I had to really search to find it again (for a friend). Looking forward to buying more straws!

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