Friday, March 15, 2013

More Than 1000 Free Glass Straws for Earth Day 2013!

May 1st update!  2001 People made the PlanetCare Pledge for earth Day 2013!

We have exceeded 1000 PlanetCare™Pledges!  

Our commitment to this project and the excitement of so many willing to grow their own eco-practices by taking the PlanetCare™Pledge has encouraged the PlanetCare™Team to continue to reward the growing number of incoming pledges throughout the month of April!

1256 pledges have been counted and more pledges are pouring in!

GlassDharma will continue to honor the PlanetCare™Packages including a free glass straw and coupons through March 18th. Pledges received on March 19th - April 30 will receive emailed coupons that will include a free glass straw coupon code (but will not include the free shipping, or the physical free glass straw). 

PlanetCare™Team coupons from Eco Lunch Boxes, Eco Bags, Pura Stainless and bambu will be included in all of the packages and mailers that will ship out of Fort Bragg, CA. throughout the month of April in celebration of Earth Day 2013.

Please do encourage your friends and families to make the PlanetCare™Pledge!

Here are some excerpts from some Face Book conversations during our 1000 Free Glass Straws for Earth Day 2013 event:

Take the GlassDharma pledge and get a free glass straw! I did, and I do this every year!

My daughters LOVE glass straws. And I do mean love. We’ve got about a 1/2 dozen glass straws and they get so excited when company comes over, so they can show their friends how much better glass straws are. It actually cracks me up how serious they are when they tout the benefits of glass straws.

Don’t worry – they hardly break, and when they do GlassDharma guarantees a replacement. ~ Monique


We are VERY excited! I would love to buy a pack to help support you and if you throw in the bonus ones, that would be wonderful too ? Let me know how it works and I invited all my earth loving friends to this great even too!! ~ Mamak G.


This is so awesome! Thank you soooo much, GlassDharma, for spreading this pledge and your amazing glass straws. Friends, please don't forget to use your glass straws in a refreshing glass of Pollen Up and support the local, sustainable bee keepers that are keeping honey bees happy! ~ Kelly D.


Thank you. I have recently been refusing straws while dining out. I have been finding soooo many while cleaning the beaches. I can do without plastic straws!! ~ Sherry S.


I went to eat with 6 people. I told them about the pollution plastic straws contribute to the oceans, and asked them not to use them. 1 agreed. Including myself, that was 2 straws saved from the landfill and our beaches. ~ Kaki F.


My Earth Day 2013 resolution is to recycle more. ~ Dallie D.


To be more mindful of plastic waste. ~ Monica C.


I lead by example. I keep my glass straw in my handbag, and use it when needed. I eat out a lot, and my glass straw becomes a conversation piece at times. I'm hoping that the more people see it, they too will purchase one. Plastic straws are not attractive at all. My glass straw it pretty and glass is better than plastic. The goal: To have food establishments do away with plastic straws, and sell glass straws. Sucking on a glass straw IS cool. Sucking on a plastic straw is NOT cool. ~ Maggy F.


WoooHooo.... Earth Day is Everyday, Thanks Glass Dharma for having an Awesome product to help us reduce and reuse! ~ Donna S.


I had never considered taking reusable containers to restaurants for leftovers to take home. That's a great idea. I've always disliked bringing home all that styrofoam. ~ Ashley B.


I made the decision to take metal utensils from home with my daily lunch, instead of using the disposable plastic utensils at work. Next step is washable cloth napkins! ~ Jennifer G.


THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!  I'm not kidding. Awesome. We fight over who gets to use the glass straw in my house... even though it's mine. Take the PlanetCare pledge and get your own for free! ~ Groovy Green Glass


Glass Dharma has taught me about the waste created from drinking straws! Glass Dharma straws are something I use everyday because in Texas, Ice Tea is NOT ice tea if you don't have a straw! Only now, I have beautiful glass straws from Glass Dharma! ~ Alison R.


Here's a great chance to try out Glass Dharma glass straws if you haven't already. They're giving away 1000 free in honor of Earth Day this year! We LOVE ours! ~ Why Go Organic?


I just made my pledge to support a green future!! Awesome! ~ Stephanie S.


You guys are awesome to ask people to pledge to make a difference and reward them!! ~ Donna S.


Thank you to all who participate! Our PlanetCare™Team believes that every step toward PlanetCare™ counts. We honor every place on each person's eco-journey. Active participation and the sharing of ideas is a powerful tool toward PlanetCare™, so please continue to keep this project spiraling through time by your choices, actions and example.

Happy Earth Day 2013 from the PlanetCare™Team!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

1000 Free Glass Straws for Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013 is quickly approaching...  

GlassDharma is determined to give away 1000 Free Glass Straws this year for Earth Day!  

Four inspirational ECO companies have joined us to make the PlanetCare™ Team and add valuable coupons for fine Eco Products to our Free Glass Straw packages. Join us all in making the GlassDharma  PlanetCare™ Pledge by clicking on this link and receive your free PlanetCare™ Package.

Participants will be asked to consider their own power of choice with consideration toward PlanetCare™ and to be willing to "make a difference". Our own purchasing power and inspiring others by example are the ripples that resonate into communities far and wide.

Glassdharma will ship PlanetCare™ Packages out of Fort Bragg, California throughout the month of April, 2013.

Free Shipping (USA and Canada) will be included with each PlanetCare™ Package.

To recieve your  PlanetCare™ Package containing your free glass straw + coupons from 4 manufacturers of fine ECO products, simply click here to fill in the form.

Taking this pledge invites to you rethink and consider your choices as you purchase and choose items for your own use, for others to use and to give as gifts!

The PlanetCare™ Pledge
Five ways that I pledge active PlanetCare™ responsibility to
make a difference in 2013 and beyond I, ____________________ pledge:

1. To seek plastic alternatives by researching everyday items and finding manufacturers that supply plastic-free alternatives, like GlassDharma drinking straws, ECOlunchbox stainless food containers, Pura Stainless reusable metal water bottles, ECOBAGS organic cotton bags, bambu kitchen & travel ware, etc...

 2. To rethink each purchase (How long will I use/need this item? Where will it go once I have finished using it?)

 3. To shop locally whenever possible to support my local community and to reduce shipping energy.

 4. To keep reusable bags, reusable water bottles, reusable straws and reusable food containers close at hand for shopping, traveling and eating out at Restaurants.

 5. To use my personal power to "choose what I use" and serve as an example for others in making a difference!
 Make a difference. 

Thank you from the PlanetCare™ Team! 

Who is the PlanetCare™ Team?

"Our dynamic and colorful textiles speak of places and traditions far away yet the design of our lunchbags with napkins is contemporary and well suited for the modern eco-consumer. The cotton lunchbags are machine washable, come with matching napkins and designed to pair with our non-leaching stainless steel lunchboxes."

"At Eco-Bags Products, Inc. our mission is to offer thoughtful, sustainably produced durable-reusable bags that help people reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in.""We are passionate about living greener, simpler and more abundant lives. We believe that less can be more."

GlassDharma Glass Straws offer styles and sizes to fit all beverage-ware.  Cleaning brushes and Hemp Sleeves are available to fit every GlassDharma glass straw. Now you can carry your straw with you when you travel and say, "No thank you" to plastic straws.

"Pura Stainless was created with a simple vision - to make a difference by responsibly manufacturing toxin-free, durable, and cost effective alternatives to bottled water and the petroleum-based (ie plastic) reusable bottles and foodstorage containers."

"Our team prides itself on the quality of our products. Our design and assembly processes result in safe and durable products that will last for years and can withstand the toughest use case: real life."