Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year ~ 2013

Happy New Year from GlassDharma!  

We hope you have had a prosperous and healthy year and certainly wish that for you for 2013!

 It is exciting that so many people are learning alternatives to single use plastic. A couple years ago most people wouldn't have even thought to "Google" Glass Straws and now that is the most common response we get as to "how did you hear about us?" Thank you for your part in spreading the word about greener living. 

GlassDharma has been featured in a range of media this year including Canada's Alive magazine, The Steven and Chris TV show, as well as in the Natural Health Magazine, Retailing Insight and Beth Terry's book, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, a practical guide to ridding your life-and the planet-of plastic. 

 In 2012, over 100 positive blog reviews have been written about GlassDharma!

We have partnered with a number of kids who are making a difference educating our youth about the environment:

Milo Cress of BeStrawFree 

Olivia and Carter from One More Generation

 Algalita's Youth Summit 2012 POPS
(Plastic Oceans Pollution Solutions)

GlassDharma introduces distributors for Canada and Australia as we continue to ship glass straws to World Wide locations. GlassDharma straws have been shipped to over 40 countries to date!
In Canada  ~ Koru Distribution
In Australia ~  ReChusable Pty Ltd

Trying to find GlassDharma products in your own area?
Help us reach out by contacting your favorite stores and businesses to let them know about our products.  Please do contact GlassDharma Customer Service Representatives with your suggestions!

Our Public Relations continue to reach out to new communities as more and more people hear about GlassDharma straws. Contact the GassDharma PR department for unified social networking opportunities. Email Cheryl - cn {at}

New Breakage Replacement Policy Starting Next Week!
You no longer need to send back your broken straw(s).  Go to the Guarantee option on our home page and follow the instructions for completing our new Replacement Form. 
Any questions? Email Gail at gail {at}

National Drinking Straw Day is January 3rd!  GlassDharma website orders that are received on January 3rd and have the words "Straw Day" written in the comments field of the order form will receive an additional free straw along with their order.

Together we "Make the Difference"!
Cheers to how we will collectively make a difference in 2013!  We'll sip to that!

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