Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is a "Dharmanian"?

Dharmanians ~

"smoothie straw"
Dharmanians live in the "Land of Dharma" where a big part of their lively-hood stems from their work at a glass straw factory where they make beautiful drinking straws made of real glass!  They ship the glass straws to many lands throughout the world and they know that each straw takes with it an important message about Planet Care and Sustainability.

Dharmanians believe that each person is traveling at their own pace on their own "Eco-Journey" and that each baby step will matter toward a collective solution to the environmental situations our world faces today.  The older Dharmanians try to teach the younger ones patience in their quest for everyone to make different choices that will be healthier for the places we live, our wildlife and each other.

Fort Bragg, CA

Dharmanians live near the rugged Northern California Coastline where the fog and sun dance in and out of the day and the dense woods surround the open ocean spaces.  It is said that many lucky Dharmanians will get a special, brief glimpse through the misty fog of a beautiful Mermaid leaping amongst the crashing waves of the ocean......

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