Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mermaid Tales

In the glass straw business, one never knows what the day might bring...

Recently, a Mermaid contacted GlassDharma!  As it turns out, this Mermaid is not only a "real" mermaid, but works professionally, appearing in events and photo-shoots.  Her opportunity to connect with GlassDharma was spurred by her passion for healthy oceans and her need for a perfect drinking straw.  Glass Straws are her natural choice, she explained, to teach ocean-care while starring at parties and themed events.

It is known that the Glass Straw business will often present surprises during the busy weeks of glass straw production and world-wide communications. The Dharmanian community has come to expect the unexpected while performing the routines tasks and duties of each department.  David Leonhardt founded GlassDharma on the principal that there is much for each of us to learn as we diligently distribute glass straws far and wide! So, the Public Relations Department did a little research once presented with this idea that Mermaids love Glass Straws!

Raina the Halifax Mermaid
There is an active and lively "Mer-community" online and in many locations around the globe.  One thing mermaids (and mermen) seem to have in common is how important their tail is to them.  The function of their tail dictates their swimming abilities and swimming is their favorite pastime.  There are reputable Mer-tail manufacturers that stay very busy creating these beautiful and functional fins.

You may think that a "Professional Mermaid" is limited to looking beautiful and modeling for photo shoots.  It may surprise you to know how their presence teaches an important philosophy as they bring old legends to life for their audiences.

Meet Raina, "the Halifax Mermaid" from Nova Scotia! Her passion is children and children's events and she holds degrees in Child Development  and Elementary Education. "Every time I speak to children be it a birthday party or festival we talk about plastic pollution and what they can do to avoid single use plastics", explains Raina. "I also celebrate World Ocean's Day where we talk a lot about the pacific garbage patch. Now that I have my glass straws I'll be taking them to all of my events and using them as a demonstration."

Mermaids are health conscious, caring for their bodies in appearance and performance.  They take great care in choices of what to eat and drink as a means of nourishment.  The same great care and respect for their environment is a huge issue as they work tirelessly to show and promote making good choices about ocean and planet care.  After all, Mermaids do not like to get tangled up in plastic in the ocean!

Raina explains, " In the mermaid community the majority of professional mermaids affiliate with a charity of choice, they range from animal and habitat protection to beach cleanups, protests and more. My charity of choice it the David Susuzki Foundation. He puts out excellent information about living sustainably.  Also, the Captain Planet Foundation is another organization that supports environmental education.

Raina founded and works closely with Mermaid Sirena (from Michigan) as editor of the E-magazine, Tail Flip. The free magazine is run by volunteers and will feature different products like Glass Dharma on a routine basis. The intent for these features is the goal of spreading more awareness and showing readers enjoying sustainable products. Raina informs us that most recreational and performing "mers" are very eco-aware, make huge efforts to be sustainable including making tails out of recycled fabrics, wetsuits, and rubber materials.

Ocean's Entourage
"I team up with other organizations such as my local Ecology Action Center, so I can always be informed, and I'm partnering with Fan-Plastic a local company that recycles plastic into jewelry" writes Raina during a back and forth email interview.  "Artist David Ayala created cartoon characters featuring me as "Raina the Mermaid, Fan-Plastic Girl (the owner of "Fan Plastic") and Sola (A lady who makes eco filtered water bottles) into a super hero group named "Ocean's Entourage" and there will be a monthly comic strip of our antics to save the ocean from plastic pollution!"

"And, know this, you don’t have to change EVERYTHING to make a difference. Doing just ONE thing helps. After all, it all happens by your powers combined…." ~ Ocean's Entourage
Mermaids love glass straws

The topic of Raina's straw use was discussed as well.  She let us know, " In Canada, BPA (Bisphenol A) is still allowed in most products and a lot of toxins are absorbed through plastic here. However, due to my many illnesses I have very sensitive teeth and mouth (beyond sensitive toothpaste) so I always used straws. I always felt guilty, rewashed them out when I could, but worried about the effects of plastic straws on my health. Then someone introduced me to GlassDharma straws, and I haven't looked back!"

Since our interview with Raina the Halifax Mermaid, we have been close in touch with Linden from "Mermaids in Motion", based in the Los Angeles, California area.  She speaks fondly of Raina and her work to improve the environment and is delighted to find GlassDharma glass straws as well. 

The Dharmanians are hopeful that they might get to meet these lovely mermaids in time.  Fort Bragg might be a long way for them to swim - but one never know what might happen in the "Land of Dharma"....

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