Sunday, August 26, 2012

One More Generation

The discovery of "solution" takes a fresh perspective and the willingness to implement change.  In a world plagued with the results of prior poor choices for environmental sustainability, it is our youth that come forward with the eager willingness and enthusiasm to effectively address the tasks at hand.  Learning how problematic matters evolve is a first step toward understanding what steps will be taken toward attaining the desired goal.  Making active choices toward a healthy and vibrant lifestyle while inspiring others to join the efforts of Planet Care is the next critical step that takes perseverance...  and the results will span one more generation and beyond.

"I believe it will be our youth that will actively lead us in the quest to find real solutions toward saving the environment," states David Leonhardt, Owner/Founder of GlassDharma.  His idea to manufacture glass drinking straws, a product that has become a "teaching tool" toward reusable choices vs. single use plastic options began in 2007.  The GlassDharma message of choosing to re-use everyday items is but one small component in an even bigger equation.  The successful development of ideas and actions are going to take time to have the lasting impact needed for an environmental recovery to take hold.

Olivia and Carter 2010

Meet two elementary students from Fayetteville, GA who decided to make a difference when they learned about Cheetahs becoming extinct. Carter (now 11.5) and his Sister Olivia (now 10) are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation.  They are the Founders of One More Generation.  Olivia and Carter have been adopting Cheetahs in South Africa over the past few years. They started their own nonprofit in an effort to help educate kids and adults about the plight of endangered species so they can save them for at least "One More Generation"…

Shortly after starting their organization, the Gulf oil spill occurred April 2010).  Olivia and Carter decided to contact the four largest agencies involved with the animal rescue efforts.  Each of the agencies gave them a list of badly needed animal rescue supplies.  The two kids spent the next four months going from church to church, and from school to school giving presentations and asking for help collecting the supplies.  They personally delivered the supplies to the Gulf region and worked with the Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Center.

The Veterinarian on staff asked Carter and Olivia what they were doing about the environment.  The kids thought that their work towards saving endangered species and helping out during the oil spill was enough to make the difference, but quickly changed their minds once they learned that rescuing animals only to return them to an endangered environment would negate many of their efforts.  The Veterinarian continued to explain that the oil spills are one one danger, but an even more dangerous and growing problem exists that affects the survival rate of all living things - Plastic!  The children learned more about how plastic pollution pollutes our oceans and were told how many of the rescued sea turtles and sea birds would ultimately die from entanglement or from ingesting plastic.

In February of 2011, OMG launched a new campaign, Plastic Awareness Coalition because of discoveries about the impact of our Planet's plastics problems.  Soon after, the Plastic Awareness Curriculum was developed and implemented to be an important science component in the public school system.  The weeklong curriculum, first tested in Carter and Olivia's school, was a huge success with students, parents and teachers learning about solutions to the problematic impact of plastics in our world. Olivia and Carter have since hosted the program to various schools and organizations across the country.  Their goal is to get the Plastic Awareness Week curriculum in every elementary school in the US.  The 5-Gyres Institute has joined the Plastic Awareness Coalition and together, they are now working on ways to help each other spread the word and help kids (and their families) learn how they too can be ‘The Solution to Plastic Pollution’.

GlassDharma straws made their way to Carter and Olivia who quickly recognized how this small product might lead others to choose sustainable choices on a daily basis.  They each have their own decorative dots glass straw and a hemp sleeve carrying case that they pack for on the go.

Carter and Olivia - 2012
Olivia states, "Ever since we got our glass straw from GlassDharma, we proudly take it with us everywhere. I love telling the waiter to bring us our beverage in a glass (not in a plastic or styrofoam cup) and to keep his straws to himself, we brought our own."  Olivia knows that the example she shows speaks for itself and invites curiosity!  Carter adds, "The glass straws we ordered from GlassDharma are the greatest. Everywhere we go people look at us as we pull them out of our backpacks and we proudly tell them that we no longer use plastic straws because we are trying to save animals and to keep our environment clean."

Olivia and Carter would love to invite your help on a current project to save the Rhinos!  They are actively seeking 1,000 kids from all over the world to send letters addressed to the President of South Africa asking him to get more involved with stopping  the poaching of Rhino's for their horn. Unless the South African government quickly gets involved, the Rhino species is guaranteed to go extinct in our lifetime.

Yes, change is in the air... and it will mean a healthy place to call home, for "One More Generation"... and beyond.....

Please check out the One More Generation website for detailed information and updates on the activities of Carter and Olivia. You can learn more about their projects by calling 678-491-6222 or send an email to

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's Sipping?

Responsible sipping is not just about what vessel you choose to sip with - it's also about what you sip! Many drink recipe ideas are posted online. GlassDharma's own "beverages and drink-ware" board on Pinterest is getting a little out of hand and needs to be broken into categories.  We are astounded at the creativity and ideas of healthy and unique drink recipes!

The GlassDharma community has taken us up on our offer to send a free glass straw to  the creator of each drink recipe that we publish.  Simply submit your (authentic) beverage recipe to recipes (at) for a chance to have us publish your special drink idea.

After school snacking is a most recent topic currently discussed on many social networks.  Smoothies are a great way to "sneak" some healthy foods into a frosty treat that satisfies tired, hungry students coming home from those first energetic days at school. Cool flavored drinks will rehydrate the "troops" and give that much needed break before tackling homework.

From Cheryl  (GlassDharma PR Department)
 "My kids have grown up and moved out and I still have a desire for that afterschool snack time!"

After School Orange Julius

1/2 c. orange juice
1/2 c. coconut milk (unsweetened)
1/2 banana
Blend in a blender or Magic Bullet
Tip: (freeze the banana and/or make orange juice ice in an ice cube tray to keep it frothy)

Here are a few more ideas from our readers and Face Book friends:

From Lizz Clements:

Turbinado Lemonade
1 cup lemon juice
3/4 cups turbinado sugar
Water and/or ice
In a 2-quart container, dissolve the sugar in slightly warmed, room temperature, or from the tap water. Stir or swish until dissolved. Add lemon juice and some ice and fill the rest of the container with cold water to the 2-quart line. Stir. Let chill completely before serving or serve over ice immediately!
Makes 2 quarts.

From Casy McNemar:

Green Smoothie
•1-2 cups of Kale (or greens of your choice)
•1-2 cups of Fruit (e.g. Honeydew Melon and Strawberries)
•1 cup of Coconut Water ("raw" if available) Check out
•1 cup Yogurt
•1 tsp of Chia Seeds
Blend together; enjoy!

From Stephanie Moram:
The Almond Butter Cup Smoothie
• 1/4 cup of almond butter
• 4 Tbsp of raw cacao powder or carob powder
• 4 dates, soaked and pitted
• 1-2 frozen banana
• 1/2 tsp-1 tsp of almond or vanilla extract
• 2 cups of water
• Optional: 1 tsp of cinnamon
Makes 2 cups.

From Amanda Molnar:

2cups kefir
1cup frozen berries
1 or 2 bananas
A handful of spinach
Blend all and enjoy! Simple, but so refreshing! :)

Editor's note: About Kefir

Chrissy sent in this submission but did not include her mailing address.  Glassdharma will send her free glass straw as soon as her information is available to our shipping department.

"I make spinach and mango smoothies for the kids. Simple refreshing and very healthy. People don't believe me when I say my son loves spinach smoothies. If he wants fish and chips for dinner, I tell him, 'sure, as long as you have a spinach smoothie first!' and every one is happy!"

Large cup baby spinach, water spinach or kale or a mixture
Large cup of water
Large cup of diced frozen mango
Half continental cucumber skin and all (optional)
Makes two regular spinach smoothies.

Thank you to our Sipping Contributers! Keep the recipes coming in by emailing them to