Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Sippy Project

Watermelon on-the-go in a Glass Sippy
There is a lot of chatter going on amongst sippers and drinkers these days!  Drink-ware and the materials that make up our mugs, glasses, bottles and straws is a factor for the conscious consumer.  Another consideration is the design of drink-ware for on-the-go lifestyles.

Sippy Cups are a most popular option for travel and for everyday drink-ware no matter where you are.  The "sippy" originated for children's beverages using a spill free design.  The idea has since filtered into the adult crowd and many "sippers" are spotted with their adult cocktails in covered vessels with a mouth-piece or straw protruding through the top of the lid.

There are a few people in GlassDharma community circles that conclude the "sippy cup" craze has gone too far.  There was a day when small children learned that liquid might spill from a glass and care to keep a glass in an upright position was learned at a very young age.  Fewer consequences result in careless handling of beverages as children are provided with these spill proof cups in a quest to prevent accidents and keep everyone and everything tidy.  This "no need for the sippy cup" philosophy is not a winner for the majority of people who are trying to keep their sofas, carpets and car interiors free from spills and stains with as little watchful effort as possible.  Hence... the sippy cup is here to stay.

Glass is a preferred material for food and drink storage and as a means to keep taste pure.  Glass eliminates the possibilities of toxins leaching into one's diet.  The availability of durable glass makes this possible and practical for non-plastic choices in all drink-ware. Mason jars are now popular to use for glasses and glass straws are a sought after alternative to plastic and metal drinking straws.

Many DIYers have put these favored options together in creative ways to create a "Glass Sippy Cup" and as the word gets around, there are many GlassDharma customers inquiring about how they might obtain such an item.  Our own photographer followed one DIYer into his local Hardware Store to search for materials for the Sippy Project.  Rubber Grommets were found in various sizes and the drill bit isle displayed a variety of size options for drilling a hole into a Mason Jar lid. "Food Grade" material is the recommended choice for grommets in drinkware,

GlassDharma straws come in various diameters.  7mm and 9.5mm are the most popular options for "Glass Sippy Cups".  The 7mm "Sipper" glass straw requires a 7/16" drill hole and a 5/16" inner diameter size grommet.  The 9.5mm straw (Ice Tea Straw) requires a 9/16 inch drill bit with a grommet inner diameter size of 7/16".  The grommets slip easily into the drilled hole and "hug" the glass straw.
Requests come into our customer service department from sippy cup users for an optional design to keep the glass straw from sliding out of the hole. This function is easily created by placing a GlassDharma "Decorative Dots" straw upside down so that the "dots" inside the glass jar will act as a stopper.  The straw will now have no risk of sliding out of the glass while in use!

Please keep sharing your photos, recipes and ideas as we all find options that will support our lifestyles and sustain our Planet.

"Sip the world. Taste the difference."


  1. You make these and you have a customer and one that will proudly display it on my desk so that the people who I gave straws just might catch on.

  2. The 7mm straw will fit through the center of a Klean Kanteen cafe lid, you just pop out the twisty thing and it fits right there :)
    ~ Christina Rom Johnson

  3. What would be the drill bit and grommet measurements for the smoothie and bubble tea straws?

  4. The outside diameter of the 2 sizes are Smoothie (12mm) and Bubble Tea (14mm)

    The hole for the grommet would depend on the size grommet you have.

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  6. Love the straws but where did you find food grade grommets?
    Can't find them in hardware store and online sites seem to be for manufacturers and they want specifications etc. I just want a few hundred for a wedding.

    Love if you could help?