Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The secret is out! GlassDharma has fielded so many special requests from coffee drinkers that have a regular S*bucks habit that it has produced an underground (off menu) custom straw selection made specifically for the Latte sipper’s favorite reusable drink-ware.

Favorite local coffee houses are starting to offer many different reusable options in drink-ware but the glass straw has not yet made it’s way into their inventory.

The “coffee crowd” has found GlassDharma! – Here is the scoop!

The staff at GlassDharma became familiar with the repeated request for a straw to fit their daily Latte habits. Emails poured into the inboxes of Customer Service at GlassDharma from folks who do not intend to give up their daily habits of stopping by their local coffee house for their morning brew. Reusable drink-ware options have helped curb the trash generated from this trend, but coffee customers have yet to see their favorite coffee & teahouses offer glass straws!

At GlassDharma, the term “Coffee Straw” became a regular description of this specially made glass straw. This “secret straw selection” will not be offered as part of the main inventory collection in an effort to keep the GlassDharma inventory streamlined. However, the “Coffee Straws” are flying out the door of the Shipping Department in Fort Bragg and the word is quickly spreading!

The GlassDharma “coffee straw” is offered in 3 lengths:
101/2” venti

This coffee straw has a 7mm outer wall diameter which compares with the outer diameter of the GlassDharma “Sipper” straw. The difference is the wider 4mm opening that allows a faster sip flow than the original “Sipper” straw. The sip flow of the coffee straws is slow enough that a warm beverage has a chance to slightly “cool” before it makes contact with one’s mouth. (whereas, the “sipper” has a 3mm opening for a super slow sip) The borosilicate glass wall keeps the straw temperature fluctuation in check just enough to make this the perfect reusable straw for sipping hot lattes, coffees and teas.

The slender design and one slightly longer length option (10 ½”venti) gives the variety of inventory that GlassDharma customers request.

David, owner and chief lampworker comments, “We are hoping that the coffee and tea house venue will hear these requests from their own customers and that glass straws will be a commonly placed item offered with reusable drink-ware in coffee houses world wide”.


  1. How do I get a couple of the 10.5" 7mm straws for my reusable Starbucks tumbler?

  2. Hi Chris,

    From the GlassDharma website, select "underground" from the side bar menu.

    Here is the link: