Sunday, February 26, 2012

"I Love My Glass Straws" - Essay Samples

The Earth Day 1000 free straw giveaway essay/video contest starts April 1, 2012!

This year’s theme for the Earth Day Free GlassDharma  Glass Straw Giveaway is based on the words heard most by our staff, “I love my glass straws”. 

Participants will email their request for a free glass straw to  (see this blog post for details of how to submit your entry).

Participants who have yet to own a glass straw might use the alternate theme, “I love glass straws because…” 

“Glass Straws and how they relate to a Better World” is the suggested inspiration point of submissions for this contest. Content ideas might include, Beauty, Joy, Taste & Planet Care (Environmental).  Creativity is encouraged as you write or shoot your video!

Video submissions –
Here are some links to videos currently posted on the web that would meet the suggested criteria à

Some volunteers agreed to submit these three example essays to post as samples before they email their entries on April 1st.

 193 word essay sample –
My car no longer has straw wrappers all over the floor.  I’ve cleaned up my act.  This simple choice to start using a reusable glass straw caused me to think about other ways to stop throwing so much stuff away. I started bringing my reusable cup to the coffee stand.  It’s not that hard.  My car is cleaner, and now I am making other responsible decisions to decrease my own litter print.
Having the floor in my car look neat and tidy after being accustomed to seeing little wrappers and pieces of paper all over the place got me thinking about how much better things look without trash all over the place!  There are places that would look beautiful if not for all the cluttered litter strewn about.  There are people who go out and clean up highways, parks and beaches to make things better.  I think that getting away from disposable conveniences would be a better answer.  First, we have to think about what we throw out.  The next step is to make a decision to replace that disposable item with something that can be used repeatedly.  My glass straw started something…

158 word essay sample –
Yes, I do love my GlassDharma Straw! My kids love them; my friends love them and what is not to love?  Because they are reusable, they are good for the environment. They are so much more fun than other reusable straws like stainless steel. Did I mention how easy they are to clean?  I also love my cleaning brush- you would be amazed at all the other small spaces I have used my brush to clean in my home and car!  I also take several with me wherever I go in my Purple hemp sleeve!  I love saying to the wait staff of a restaurant, “No straw please- I have my own!”  They are usually quite impressed! They make wonderful gifts and I am delighted with their hassle-free guarantee against breakage.  Of course, I know they can break but it is nice to know that if they do, GlassDharma replaces them for free! Thanks for a great product!

 119 word essay sample –
 feel special when I use my glass straws.  It’s not just me.  My guests know that I am serving them the finest.  Small children that visit know they are special when I offer them juice in real glasses and glass straws, every day.  It is like using the fine china all of the time and makes every day a “special occasion”!
 Maybe it’s the sound of the clinking of the glass on glass, the smooth feel on the lips or the way the glass straw sparkles in the light.  One thing I know is that bringing the finest experiences into everyday routine is good for me… and good for the people I love.

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