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1000 Free Glass Straws for Earth Day 2012

They say that nothing is free… but if there is a price for us to live on this Planet together, it is simply to care for this place we all call “Home”. Earth Day 2012 brings this simple truth to the forefront of our activities. The celebrations keep us mindful of how our choices affect our environment. Each Earth Day marks another year that we move closer toward environmental awareness, making better choices and achieving advancement in our collective efforts toward Planet Care.

Each year, GlassDharma marks this occasion by giving away free Glass Straws!What better way to “teach” the idea of “re-use” than to give an everyday, commonly used item to someone who never thought about their habits of “throwing away” drinking straws after each use.“There are still many people out there who do not realize how many reusable choices there are.It is now easier than ever to replace throw away items with quality reusable products”, remarks Cheryl Newcomb - GlassDharma Public Relations.“Our Company is bound and determined to give away as many as 1000 glass straws! This will be our fourth Earth Day giveaway. We are choosing to invest in the important message of our straws – We have the choice to re-use.”

See our press release here. 

Please share this blog with your friends and neighbors to help GlassDharma reach the 1000 free glass straw goal for 2012! This year’s theme for the Earth Day free glass straw giveaway is based on the words heard most by our staff, “I love my glass straws”.(Often its: “I love, love, love my glass straws!!”)

Entrants - please include:
1. 100 to 200 word essay in an attached document (or) a link to a 1 to 3 minute YouTube Video
2. Your name, email address and mailing address. (In the body of your email)
3. Email your request for a free glass straw to:
4. One entry per person (If multiple people are using the same email address, please note in the body of the email.

Participants who have yet to own a glass straw might use the alternate theme, “I love glass straws because…”

Glass Straws and how they relate to a better world is the suggested inspiration point of submissions for this contest. Content ideas might include, Beauty, Joy, Taste & Planet Care (Environmental).Creativity is encouraged as you write or shoot your video!

Video and Essay submission instructions – simply include the link to your “YouTube Video” or attach your essay to your email (Word format (.doc) or basic text (.txt) format please)

Electronic (email) submissions are preferred to snail mail as an optimum eco-choice. All entries must be received by Earth Day, April 22. We will begin shipping the straws after April 1st and the 2 grand prize winners will be posted (and contacted) by May 5th.

The first 1000 essay/video contest entries received by the Earth Day deadline will receive a free Glass Straw from GlassDharma!Please note that GlassDharma will pay shipping charges for each free glass straw up to $3.00 (free shipping for USA deliveries)

A judging panel consisting of three passionate Environmental Bloggers and three members of the GlassDharma staff is ready to select 10 finalists, five for the video category, and five for the essay category.One Grand Prize Winner for each category will be selected by popular vote amongst the judges.Grand Prize Winners will receive a $100.00 electronic GlassDharma Gift Code by email.

Happy Earth Day 2012!

From all of us at GlassDharma, manufacturer of the “Original Glass Straw”

sip the world. taste the difference.

By participating in this contest, you agree that all essays and/or videos sent may be published on the GlassDharma website as well as affiliated social networking sites.

"I Love My Glass Straws" - Essay Samples

The Earth Day 1000 free straw giveaway essay/video contest starts April 1, 2012!

This year’s theme for the Earth Day Free GlassDharma  Glass Straw Giveaway is based on the words heard most by our staff, “I love my glass straws”. 

Participants will email their request for a free glass straw to  (see this blog post for details of how to submit your entry).

Participants who have yet to own a glass straw might use the alternate theme, “I love glass straws because…” 

“Glass Straws and how they relate to a Better World” is the suggested inspiration point of submissions for this contest. Content ideas might include, Beauty, Joy, Taste & Planet Care (Environmental).  Creativity is encouraged as you write or shoot your video!

Video submissions –
Here are some links to videos currently posted on the web that would meet the suggested criteria à

Some volunteers agreed to submit these three example essays to post as samples before they email their entries on April 1st.

 193 word essay sample –
My car no longer has straw wrappers all over the floor.  I’ve cleaned up my act.  This simple choice to start using a reusable glass straw caused me to think about other ways to stop throwing so much stuff away. I started bringing my reusable cup to the coffee stand.  It’s not that hard.  My car is cleaner, and now I am making other responsible decisions to decrease my own litter print.
Having the floor in my car look neat and tidy after being accustomed to seeing little wrappers and pieces of paper all over the place got me thinking about how much better things look without trash all over the place!  There are places that would look beautiful if not for all the cluttered litter strewn about.  There are people who go out and clean up highways, parks and beaches to make things better.  I think that getting away from disposable conveniences would be a better answer.  First, we have to think about what we throw out.  The next step is to make a decision to replace that disposable item with something that can be used repeatedly.  My glass straw started something…

158 word essay sample –
Yes, I do love my GlassDharma Straw! My kids love them; my friends love them and what is not to love?  Because they are reusable, they are good for the environment. They are so much more fun than other reusable straws like stainless steel. Did I mention how easy they are to clean?  I also love my cleaning brush- you would be amazed at all the other small spaces I have used my brush to clean in my home and car!  I also take several with me wherever I go in my Purple hemp sleeve!  I love saying to the wait staff of a restaurant, “No straw please- I have my own!”  They are usually quite impressed! They make wonderful gifts and I am delighted with their hassle-free guarantee against breakage.  Of course, I know they can break but it is nice to know that if they do, GlassDharma replaces them for free! Thanks for a great product!

 119 word essay sample –
 feel special when I use my glass straws.  It’s not just me.  My guests know that I am serving them the finest.  Small children that visit know they are special when I offer them juice in real glasses and glass straws, every day.  It is like using the fine china all of the time and makes every day a “special occasion”!
 Maybe it’s the sound of the clinking of the glass on glass, the smooth feel on the lips or the way the glass straw sparkles in the light.  One thing I know is that bringing the finest experiences into everyday routine is good for me… and good for the people I love.

press release - 1000 Glass Straw Giveaway for Earth Day 2012

Free Glass Straws!

GlassDharma – The Original Glass Straw

(Ft. Bragg, CA) - Feb. 26th, 2012 – GlassDharma will give away 500 – 1000 free glass straws during the month of April 2012 in celebration of Earth Day. The GlassDharma mission is to get more glass straws to beverage sippers in an effort to increase awareness about single use plastics alternatives.  This 4th annual Earth Day event will ask participants to simply submit a link to a 1 - 3 minute YouTube video contribution (or) write a 100 - 200 word essay in an email addressed to along with their request for a free glass straw.

I love my straws –
The words most often spoken and written by GlassDharma customers will be the theme for video and essay submissions during the 2012 GlassDharma Glass Straw Giveaway. The suggested content is to encourage participants to declare how their glass straws relate to a better world.  The Environment, Elegant table-ware, made in USA and/or Personal Joy might be elements for expanded content.  Free Glass Straws will be shipped out of Fort Bragg throughout the month starting on April 1st, 2012.  Free Shipping (USA) will be included with each Free Glass Straw.  There will be a Grand Prize of a $100.00 Gift Code to one winning submission in each of two categories, video and essay.

GlassDharma Straws are Durable, Sustainable and Elegant
The GlassDharma Quality Control department ensures the quality of each and every straw. Offering an unprecedented lifetime guarantee, GlassDharma stands behind their product, and promises that if it breaks, it will be repaired or replaced. GlassDharma straws are made from borosilicate glass, the safest and strongest glass commercially available; they are even dishwasher and microwave safe!

Garnish your GlassGlassDharma straws not only replace their plastic and toxic counterparts, but their beauty and style lend to compliments and conversation.
• Great for all hot or cold drinks
• Perfectly stages specialty drinks – bubble teas, iced drinks, shakes and smoothies
• Beautiful in cocktails – great accessory for stemware and martini glasses
• Concerned about staining your teeth? Use for wine, coffee and teas
• Kid friendly and safe
• Elegance at its best

One for Everyone
GlassDharma straws are available in three collections: Simple Elegance, Beautiful Bend, and the color accented Decorative Dots. Offered in many lengths and widths, GlassDharma straws are available individually or in sets.  The accessory line includes cleaning brushes and hemp soft sleeves for carrying your straws on the go.  Custom etching services and store display packaging options are the newest purchase options.
GlassDharma Glass Straws bring the new eco-definition to “Sipping Responsibly”.
For more information on GlassDharma, please visit
For high-resolution images, samples, and to learn more…
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Gail Johnson, V-Pres.
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Cheryl Newcomb, Marketing Dept.
Public Relations & Marketing

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty and the Glass Straw

First encounters with a GlassDharma Glass Straw will often produce an expansion of ideas about the many benefits that these products have for straw users. Not only does the environment benefit, but the beauty and function of Glass Straws attract creative minds.

Meet Adeline Chan, Nutritionist by day, Beauty Blogger by night. Adeline stopped into Eco Existence in Toronto on her way home from work and bought herself a GlassDharma Glass Straw. She was so excited to share the news with her readers and fans that she immediately tweeted a video to show her ideas about glass straws and the benefits of keeping her teeth whiter.

The more she used her new straws, the more she came to love them. Here is what she has to say about Glass Straws: