Monday, January 23, 2012

Jars & Straws

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Reuse, the very idea behind the creation of glass straws is the ultimate eco act.  What we reuse, we will not throw away. Reuse it, and there is no need to recycle or repurpose it.  Millions of “disposable” items will no longer have importance once one makes the choice toward reusing items as a daily habit.

Glass jars are once again the popular choice for food storage and as drink-ware. The Mason canning jar is seen on elegant table settings for special events, even weddings!  What a great way to use… and reuse.  Once you have finished the contents of your home canned goods, you might serve your guests (and yourself) your favorite beverages using these sturdy glass vessels time and time again.

If parties and  social gatherings no longer “required” single use cups, bottles and cans for beverage service, there would be a huge revolution in awareness of how many objects we carelessly toss into the trashcan!  The years have brought about these conveniences with little thought to the long term picture of where the excess trash accumulates and how it might change the way nature works.

Setting up your party will be a cinch with bowls of ice and your own individually “bottled” beverages!  Put out a basket for the empty jars and lids and put out the reusable straws in glasses, vases or straw dispensers.  The elegance of this simple idea will be noticed and the ideas about reusable drink-ware will branch out through your guests.  Examples of this type will show a new earth friendly way to be stylishly trendy while have some fun with your décor and display.

Enjoy your gatherings and keep your venue Earth-friendly.  Each of your guests will benefit and so will you!  We all live on this one Planet together and the care we take depends on each of us - and all of us collectively. 

Party On!

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