Sunday, September 25, 2011

New! Packaging for Store Display!

"She got me on the plastic tape!" declared David Leonhardt during a staff meeting in 2008.  His exclamation was in reference to Beth Terry's Blog review of GlassDharma Glass Straws.  David saw this strike against his trying to become totally environmentally freindly with his business as an opportunity to learn and take his own eco-minded attitudes to the next level.

Shipping GlassDharma Glass Straws with priority on the ecological effect of the packaging is a number one priority!  Many ideas, designs and recommended options were scrapped during the process of finding packing friendly, user friendly and store/shelf ready options that keep our environment's well-being in mind. Numerous consultations with many experts in the area of eco options and packaging have taken place over the span of time since GlassDharma Glass Straws made their debut. The careful weighing of materials and costs have produced some exciting discoveries and results.

Coming Soon!!
Are you operating a brick & mortar storefront?
GlassDharma is going to make it easy for glass straws to fly out the door!

Starting in October, GlassDharma will be shipping with new packaging designed to be displayed with standard peg hook, slatboard display systems.

We are taking pre-orders for our display system and here is what you get:
248 Straws
64 Cleaning Brushes
36 Hemp Sleeves

= $1481.50 Total value, plus freight

Here’s how GlassDharma will sweeten the deal for wholesale accounts. Pre-order the complete display system by October 1st and you will receive:
-$181.50 Discount
-$100.00 No charge for the display rack
-$75.00 Free freight (estimated) (US only, international orders receive a $75.00 credit)
-$356.50 Total estimated savings (approx 22.5%)

= $1200.00 Total cost for display rack and inventory shipped to you

You say you prefer our online shipping friendly packaging we have now? No worries – our current packaging will still be available for online retailers.

Or methods of keeping EarthCare forefront as we pack our reusable Glass Straws for transport are described below:

• Corrugated cardboard: 40% recycled content, 15% post consumer content (We just can’t get any higher recycled content without jeopardizing package stability.) Chipboard boxes/sleeves: 100% recycled 97% post consumer content.
• We use organic cotton balls when packaging the shorty straws for online shipping.
• We use a spray glue on packaging that is water based and non-toxic. The can, including the cap and nozzle is completely recyclable.
• Shipping filler: We design our packing for minimal if any filler. When filler is used, used newspapers plus any compostable reused paper products are used.
• Shipping tape: Paper shipping tape.

We are happy to manufacture and pack our products while keeping eco-mindful of our beautiful surroundings that we share with each of you, our customers from around the Globe.

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