Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I Love My Straws!"

You might think that GlassDharma straw users would would be somewhat disgruntled if their glass straw accidentally breaks. Thanks to the GlassDharma Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage, this occasional occurrence will bring the broken straw back “home” to the GlassDharma manufacturing facility for repair or replacement. The unprecedented GlassDharma Guarantee applies as a means of Quality Control - as well as making sure loyal glass straw users will continue to choose reusable over single-use and plastic straw options.

GlassDharma Glass Straws have a special claim to fame. One exceptional variable is GlassDharma’s specific formula used in the annealing process that produces the highest tensile strength possible for their Borosilicate Glass Products. The durability of GlassDharma straws will not deem them totally unbreakable, however. Some sippers may be tempted to “test” the durability factor and if they do, they are often surprised. But, please know that this type of experimentation may exclude you as a recipient of the Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.

There are two main reasons that a GlassDharma straw might break:
1. They are made of “real” glass.
2. Glass Straw care handling may vary.

Sipper Safety is a main concern of David Leonhardt who makes sure that the GlassDharma Guarantee process is followed through as quickly as possible. “I would never want someone to be tempted to keep using a cracked or chipped or defective straw. We offer this Guarantee to ensure 100% quality.”

Unlike many other companies, The GlassDharma Guarantee Against Breakage does not require a special replacement fee or the typical customer paid shipping cost for the replacement straw. Simply send the broken straw back to GlassDharma following the instructions on the website.

Many customers that return a broken straw for repair or replacement include a note that often contains three components:
1. An apology for not being more careful in handling choices.
2. Expression of gratitude for the quality of the product and its function.
3. The all-inclusive phrase, “I love my straws!”

“I can’t think of a business or product that honors a guarantee to replace a broken item that the feedback is so positive,” exclaims Gail Johnson as she tacks another “I love my straws” testimonial to the bulletin board. “Many of our customers express compliments to us about the product and appreciate the guarantee and customer service. How many people joyfully return a product to a company for replacement with positive testimony to the product’s worthiness?”
In response to an email from a customer asking about appropriate ages for children using glass straws, David writes, “As for children, we have a very large customer base that includes kids (even toddlers). We always advise age appropriate supervision. We have not had a single report of any injuries. If they can learn to drink out of glass (instead of a sippy cup), they should be able to learn to handle glass straws – the danger factor in my mind would be the same. Obviously, if a straw becomes chipped or broken it should not be used. This is one reason we offer our Lifetime Guarantee against Breakage. Return any broken or chipped straw made by GlassDharma to us and we will gladly replace it.” Gail adds, “No sword fights - please”.

GlassDharma maintains the highest integrity sales and service, honoring customers with a superb product and rapid delivery. Each step taken is to make sure that sipping through glass straws is safe, enjoyable and a step toward learning how to say no to single-use plastics.

If you have not yet joined the “I Love My Straws” Club, consider this post an open invitation!


Some Testimonials from our growing “I Love My Straws” Club.

“I just can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the glass straws. When my friends and I meet for dinner, I pull out a clean straw for everyone and we enjoy our drinks and dinner in style, refusing the plastic straws offered. I had never realized how many straws that we use… at work, getting drinks at fast-food places and at restaurants. Just one person can use several in one day and never give it a thought! I am becoming aware of how wasteful we all are.

"Thanks again for a great product and your awesome customer service. I will continue to pass your information on to others.” – Joy L.

And from Texas-
"My glass straws remain my very favorite 'green' purchase" – Sheri F.

From FaceBook:
Meagan wrote: "Wow!! I love it! Congrats David! Can't wait to see where you go with it. My straws you made are indispensable :)"

“Love them! Thanks!” L.M. Seattle, WA

“Mr. Sippy took a 2 ft dive out of a water glass and much have hit his ‘head’ just right….): But we love (triple underline) these straws!!!! (:” A.F. Green Bay, WI

“Love your straws; they just can’t quite handle a fall from our kitchen counter top to the tile floor. We’ll be more careful!” M.V. Norman, OK

“My husband bought me 2 of these – I love them. I use them for tea drinking. Please send me another straw soon!” S.D. Lake Wales, FL

“My husband broke his straw. Thank you for replacing it”. D.S. Tucson, AZ

“Please replace. Can’t live without it!!!” M.M. Placentia, CA

“I want to say thank you in advance for replacing my straw. Unfortunately it fell on the tile floor after my glass tipped over. I used this straw everyday since I received it and have to tell you I think it is great! Thanks again for replacing it.”  J.K. Palm Springs, FL

“The straw was part of a gift to me from a past boyfriend… He gave me two sets of four Decorative Dots straws, and I absolutely LOVE them. I was hoping to get more for Christmas or my upcoming birthday, but if not, I will be purchasing more!” S.W. Pensacola FL

“P.S. Love your straws!” D.P. Pinellas Park, FL

“Dear GlassDharma,
Apologies but one of our lovely new glass straws has broken. We are returning it for repair/replacement. We love the straws. They are brilliant. Thank you so much” G.Q. Wales, Britian

“I love the set of 4 I bought….Thanks so much!!” S.R. Kamuela, HI

“Thank you – my toddler & I LOVE your straws and use them daily! (:” N.C. Orlando, FL

“…Love your straws & so do my readers!” B.M. Portland, OR

“Thank you very much. Your straws are great. We use them to avoid plastic leaching into our drinks.” P.F. Camarillo, CA

“Sorry ): We love our straws…” K. C. Goleta, CA

“Love your product and have turned lots of others on to it.” C.V. Livermore, CA

“Hi! Love the set of four straws that I bought…..Please repair or replace..Thank you! L.B. Delray, FL.

"I went to the PO the other day and got my straws. I LOVE THEM! I wasn't totally convinced that I would use them, as I don't normally use straws, but they are great with the latest 'cocktails' that I am drinking."  D.E. Stockton, CA

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