Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's on the Menu?

Dining out in a favorite Restaurant establishment is an event enjoyed by most everyone. For some, the experience is saved for special occasions, but for many this routine of “eating out” is incorporated into weekly or daily routine. The social element of this practice meets with an ambiance of pleasures including the setting, wonderful smells and delicious food.

Not all of the portions served in Restaurants are eaten at the table. Taking home leftover portions of uneaten food from the plate has become an acceptable practice. Days gone by one might ask for a “doggie bag”. Over time, Styrofoam cartons and boxes designed to carry home servings of food that guests had not finished eating during the mealtime replaced the “bag”.

Awareness of the mounting piles of trash accumulating all over our Planet has spurred a new trend; to rethink the impact of what gets used and what is thrown away. Gratefully, many restaurants and their customers have chosen to move away from using single use cartons and carriers for small bits of food left upon one’s plate. The idea? Choose to re-use.

Customers might opt to bring their own food containers. Establishments might find ways to reward diners that bring their own re-usables with special menu items or special prices for participants. Providing retail space for the purchase of reusable food containers and serve-ware will also encourage this practice. Check out for some new ideas that are worth considering.

Restaurant Owners and Chefs often approach our Company about the use of Glass Straws in their businesses. Some have concerns about serving beverages with glass straws due to the incidence of theft. Unfortunatley, a public clientele often includes some that are tempted to take and keep the serve-ware provided which cuts deeply into profits of these businesses.

The solution?
Menu Upgrades!

Reusable containers and serve-ware can be included right into the restaurant menu choices! This idea brings a convenient option with an eco-conscious focus. It encourages personal choices to reduce the incident of excessive waste. Adding a reusable glass straw as a beverage upgrade for a special price will promote the reuse of that same straw by the consumer. Likewise, upgrading the size of a beverage to those that bring their own reusable straw will reward and encourage eco-responsibility.

Many people still find the practice of re-use as a new frontier of thought. However, as time moves forward there are sure to be many more ideas on the horizon that will flow together and become a beginning of a solution to pollution.