Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sipping Responsibly

The Season of Graduations is now upon us and with it brings the excitement of accomplishments, open doors and new beginnings. This year’s Graduates will filter into our society ready to make responsible decisions as they move on to new chapters of higher education or into the workforce.

The High School Graduate hears a lot about “drinking responsibly” as celebrations abound and the door to College opens before them. Responsibility is an important thing to consider knowing that each action has its own consequence.

GlassDharma representatives speak a lot about “sipping responsibly”. This term has a double meaning. First, it is important to make good choices about what we are sipping. That our chosen beverages are good nourishment for our health in content and amount. Second, that we be mindful about what vessels we use to sip from. Where will that cup or straw end up? Will you choose single use cups and straws? Or, will you choose reusable drink-ware options?

It is important to know the consequences of the choices we make, every day. Armed with the knowledge of the impact of plastic waste, please choose wisely!

Congratulations to Graduates near and far…

sip the world. it’s worth it.

(this poster was a Senior Project by Graduate Ryan Elizabeth Cope)
Congratulations, Ryan!

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