Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Celebration, with Gratitude, Earth Day 2010

40 years ago, the first Earth Day started a revolution of change. Each Earth Day we focus on ideas of EarthCare and how our choices can change and affect the world we live in. Each of us make decisions every day about how our routine practices will affect our planet, a place we will one day leave behind.

“Partnerships and Promotions” have taken on a special energy at GlassDharma thanks to Gail Johnson’s inspirational direction and guidance. Her work influences every department within the company as the mission remains forefront of why a simple glass straw is so important.

“Earth Day is about awareness and about focusing thoughts on something that is important to us.” Gail continues saying, “I believe Earth day and the many related activities have made a huge difference in our awareness of our Planet’s needs and how we can best work and play in synergy and with gratitude. People really want to change their ways but often get overwhelmed. We are hungry for small things we can do occasionally… and then more consistently to help ourselves and our Planet Earth.”

Last year for Earth Day, David Leonhardt gave away over 500 "Simple Elegance" Glass Straws through the website. The giveaway quickly became popular and brought together a huge gathering of people that were willing to share their ideas through emails. The common goal of EarthCare became present throughout their communications.

Gail, recognizing the power of the expression of gratitude that resulted from last year’s glass straw giveaway, felt compelled to build on the idea for this year. She chose Café Gratitude to collaborate with GlassDharma for a 1000 glass straw giveaway for Earth day, 2010!

She explains, “Café Gratitude ( is a unique company with seven restaurants in Marin County and the Bay Area, California. This establishment is known for their fun, inspiring environment and fabulous live, organic food! But, even more importantly is the ever-present environment of Sacred Commerce that has been created at Café Gratitude. They have made a commitment to hold the space for a work place that is truly supportive of their employees, customers and vendors. In their words, “Café Gratitude is a school of transformation and an experiment in sacred commerce.” Many companies have given lip service to this type of goal but this was my first exposure to seeing it in action. After being delighted after visiting the Berkeley Café Gratitude, I was able to watch a video of Terces Englehart speaking at last year’s Living Light Expo in Fort Bragg, CA. I was so heartened by her story and the process of “clearing” that they do with their employees, I immediately read their book, Sacred Commerce and consider myself a grateful student.”

“Since they do have a retail presence in their Cafes and online, I knew this was a partnership that would benefit them and GlassDharma. David and I brainstormed ideas as we wondered, what could we offer them? Together we came up with the idea of offering GlassDharma drinking straws to give away to their customers on Earth Day as a “Thank You” for supporting Café Gratitude and our Planet! We are delighted that they have accepted this gift! Café Gratitude will be adding GlassDharma straws to a few of their Café stores and will include glass straw sales on their website! So, while supplies last, each Café will be giving out a portion of 1000 GlassDharma drinking straws on Earth Day, April 22.”

1000 glass straws that will be used over and over again, eliminating so many more plastic “disposable” straws from cluttering lands and clogging our waterways. With each straw a thought goes along, and gets shared with another… and so on….

(Café Gratitude accepts reservations for six or more guests – so gather up your family and friends and make your own reservations now for Earth Day, April 22, 2010! Experience the Café Gratitude version of Sacred Commerce first hand and get your own GlassDharma drinking straw.)

Call -(415)824-4652 or email –

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