Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Milk?

Milk, that all time wholesome dinner table staple that finds its way into milkshakes, scrambled eggs and creamed soups. Or, all by itself, as in the phrase, “a glass of milk.” Other clich├ęs come to mind, “Milk - does a body good.” “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” And the famous, “Got milk?”

Controversy exists over whether the nutritional content and processes used in milk manufacturing deem milk as the healthy beverage. Some people find they are “lactose intolerant.” Vegans do not include dairy milk in their diets, however nut milk is often substituted. This post is not so much about what’s in your milk, but rather, what’s your milk in?

Why milk? Milk is the first nourishment we know as newborns. No wonder milk gets high priority attention as a mainstay nutritious beverage. A glass of milk is often a quick stand-in for a meal. Often, our fast-paced society has us looking for that quick fix of protein to keep us sustained throughout the morning as we rush around. At night, a glass of milk at bedtime might encourage restful sleep.

Few of the generation X have memories of the milkman leaving bottles of cold milk on the front porch, hearing the clink of heavy glass milk bottles knocking against each other or the scurry to get it into the fridge before it warms. Days of late bring milk from the grocery store in plastic containers, thought to be more convenient and cost effective. Cartons that were once waxed are now sprayed with plastics as well.

Some dairies are currently packaging milk in glass bottles once again. Thinking back to when I was young, I cannot recall ever breaking a milk bottle or even seeing a broken milk bottle. The bottles were heavy enough to withstand some bumping around. What tastes better than cold milk in a frosty glass? Why, then, have we raised a generation of toddlers on plastic sippy cups mindless to the fact that children are not learning about spilling as a consequence to carelessness?

Now, I am not suggesting that the school milk carton should be made of glass. I do agree that some caution is advised giving glass to unattended children. But the truth of the matter remains; milk does taste better from a glass. Add a glass straw and you will eliminate the familiar “milk-stache” effect!

As the perils of our plastic choices reveal themselves, awareness that plastics are not the harmless, safe choices for our children or our environment have become more apparent. We now find ourselves on a new quest to seek safer alternatives for packaging and containing our foods and beverages. Clearly, milk in glass is the new “white!”


  1. Looks like GlassDharma has their own "no milk-stache Girl". Who is she?

  2. I sip with glass straws, no "stache". Always in a glass or ceramic mug. Milk or otherwise.

  3. I don't drink milk but I LOVE shakes and I always use a glass straw when drinking them. :)

  4. i love that glass milk carton! very cute - wish it was for sale,too!!

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  6. We used to have our milk delivered in glass bottles from a local dairy when I was little. It was delicious-- and improved possible if we had glass straws. :) That milk carton is too cute.