Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine To Planet Earth

It is with deepest respect for you, Planet Earth that I profess my love to you on Valentines Day. Your heart beats a special rhythm, representing the nature balance that provides for the world’s habitat.

From the highest mountaintops to the deepest currents of the oceans, natural forces working together are apparent in each moment of time. I am humbled by the beauty you show as your face changes expression, from calm seas to the fury of the storms. You are deserving of the attention you seek.

Through the ages, there is an awareness growing of how to use the materials you provide in a fashion that will support replenishment. Choosing renewable resources keeps your infrastructure intact as you constantly reproduce to sustain our needs, ensuring the continuance of sustenance for all living things. PlanetCare is priority as we collectively move toward the days to come…

Few who walk your beaches know that the glass in my warehouse starts with the tiniest grains of sand beneath their feet. This is just one isolated example of how manmade materials are made from natural elements.

Workers within my Company are eager to learn the best practices to protect your delicate ecosystem. Careful consideration is given to products and materials that come into and leave our facility for what impact they will create. Clearly, our operation is a very small piece in a gigantic puzzle. Our customers, the recipients of our products, match the values we practice. Together we teach by example, spurring new ideas for sustainability that encourage others to make individual decisions and bear responsibility for conditions that will be prevalent through the years.

My vision consists of a future bright with hope for your oceans to sparkle in sunlight, free from the harmful plastic gyres that threaten marine life. Fresh air and clean water, for all to breathe and to drink will be plentiful. I picture roadsides and trails that are undisturbed by litter accumulations caused by thoughtless acts of leaving trash behind. I see a Universe where all living things thrive in harmonious existence.

Planet Earth, my commitment is to practice care and make wise decisions as I learn to value the mysteries within your atmosphere.



  1. That was beautiful, Dave! Thanks for sharing your viewpoint about Mother Earth! But then again, you share that view point everyday by the kind of work you do. The life you lead is your testament, no words necessary...


  2. David, this is utterly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    In solidarity,