Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy "National Drinking Straw" Day!

January – in all its glory, is a time for new beginnings.   A time to reflect on the past and then move forward.  It is now time to put the holiday decorations away and forge on toward the promise of springtime on the horizon… It’s time to re-organize and try on those new resolutions…

In 2009, the Glass Dharma office staff learned that January holds yet another significant day.  Ta-da!  … “National Drinking Straw Day” is January 3!  Now there are other recorded anniversaries on January 3rd, but the idea of an official National Drinking Straw Day is a happy thought within a company where the invention of the drinking straw is celebrated every day!

It began in 1888 when Marvin Stone wrapped a piece of paper around a pencil to produce the first drinking straw.  Marvin’s new product, patented on January 3, became his claim to fame.  Prior eras were thought to have used a piece of dried rye grass (straw) for their sipping amusements but Marvin Stone goes into the history books as a first ever inventor of the drinking straw. By 1890, Stone’s drinking straw sales exceeded his previously designed product, cigarette paper holders.  Since then, there are many different methods and materials used to manufacture drinking straws. 

Not everyone thinks that drinking straws are a necessity.  Remarks from a few online bloggers claim that one might opt to not use straws at all to be truly “eco”. Should drinking straws be completely eliminated in order to save the environment of so much plastic waste?  Many people are willing and able to drink from the rim of a glass or cup.  Conversely, there is a huge population of individuals who continue to use drinking straws.  Some of these folks have medical difficulties. Others prefer to avoid direct mouth contact with a receptacle handled by the beverage server.  Even more beverage consumers just love sipping through a straw for no other reason than pure preference!

The number of straws produced throughout the years shows that the trend of drinking through a straw is not going to disappear.  Some argue that a straw represents a seemingly small example of waste compared to larger items that end up in our oceans and landfills. While a straw is small in comparison, the magnitude becomes evident by the volume of straws used each day.  Figure in the large percentage of the world’s population that prefers to use straws. (Who, in the world, does not drink beverages?)  If these large numbers of people are spurred to re-think their use of all “disposable” products, a profound effect may occur as we make choices and decide what we contribute to the “waste” piles that accumulate all over our planet.

The growth in sales of Glass Dharma Glass Straws suggest that there are many who wish to use drinking straws and the numbers are increasingly growing for those who wish to sip through a straw without the impact of creating unnecessary pollution.  As the trend escalates, those that care about protecting our resources show that they will scout out every opportunity to find better ways of doing everyday deeds and shop for better products to serve their needs and the idea of “re-use”.  This creates an energy of viral thinking… exactly the purpose of the mission!

As we enter a new decade, Best Wishes extend to you from behind the doors of Glass Dharma for a Happy, Prosperous New Year filled with Thoughtful Choices -- and may we all have a very “Happy National Drinking Straw Day!”

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  1. Happy Drinking Straw Day to the folks at Glass Dharma.