Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

The days of December begin with a fury of dashing about as last minute plans for Holiday gatherings take priority.  Planning, shopping, wrapping and baking become squeezed into days that are already too busy.  Sometimes it just seems like too much… too much food, too much activity, too much stuff... and we vow each year as we put away the last traces of Holiday décor, that next year will be different.  That somehow we will simplify.  The Spirit of the Season seems to get lost as the importance of having external “things” leaves us with little time and energy for the Peaceful and Meaningful Moments that we crave.

Excess… why do we let it take over?
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The planning for thoughtful gift giving that takes place early in the season seems to convert into a crazy last minute pressure.  Gotta go… Gotta get… Gotta have…

Suddenly, it seems that the carefully planned gift inventory caves… and we need to get more “stuff” to balance the inventory.  As the hours count down, the last minute attempts to pull it all together bring about even more “stuff”.  At last, we have to “stuff” those stockings – and with what?  How much of what we buy to put into the stockings ends up in the landfill?

Generations before us traditionally stuffed their stockings (yes, real socks) with nuts, fruit and home baked goodies.  Generation X will never know the delight of finding homemade candy in a fuzzy sock, never mind that the lint stuck on to the candy as they hung in the foggy night air.  There were no wrappers, plastic toys, or “disposable” items.  It was the feeling behind the tradition.  It was magic!

So how about we put a little eco-thought into this process? – break some bad habits and let creative ideas flow.  The Sustainable Stocking might be the new tradition.  Today’s gifts might be an attitude of “less is more”.  Maybe the stocking will have nuts and fruit this year… or items that are reused over and over, replacing the need for “disposable” items…

Just maybe – this is the year we will consider this path we all walk together and plan for the simple good wishes and care of ourselves and each other and where we abide.  Joy, Love and Peace do not come packaged in cartons or wrappers. They are the Gifts of the truest form.


  1. Good thought...I've been collecting little toys at thrift shops for my kids, but they will also get some fruit and candy. Oranges are a little more special since we've stopped doing juices around here (except fresh). Good idea to make some candy- that would be a treat.

  2. I remember when I was a kid, I would hang a big sock/stocking on the door or wall while patiently and excited waiting that santa would drop his gift on the stocking I hang.

    But anyway, celebrating christmas need not be expensive. Better yet celebrate it in a green way. Celebrating it with it's true meaning and spirit tohether with your loveone is the best way.

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