Friday, September 25, 2009

The Cleaning Of The Straw

Introducing the idea of a reusable glass straw will often bring certain questions from those people who are just beginning to wrap their minds around the concept.

Often the first question is, “Will it break?”

Glass IS what these drinking straws are made of, but this is not just any ordinary glass ….  The method of manufacturing Glass Dharma straws is the result of extensive research to find the best materials available.  The most stringent methods for implementation of the annealing process ensures the highest standards for a most durable product, while maintaining the purity and elegance of glass.

The strength of Glass Dharma straws surprises many once the product finds its way to beverage sippers.  Glass Dharma continues to honor a manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage on every straw that leaves their warehouse. 

Does this mean they will never break?

They are made of glass so break testing is not the recommended procedure upon obtaining your very first glass straw.  

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The second question that comes to mind as one digests the new idea of a reusable  glass straw is, “How will I keep it clean?

One factor behind the function of Glass Dharma Glass Straws is sanitation.  Sparkling clean glass straws that keep the taste experience as pure as the beverage itself.  This  is easy to attain following these simple guidelines:

v     Use cleaning brushes - available in specific sizes to match your straw diameter choices.  If your smoothie dried on the straw because you left it out all night, it can be soaked away or simply scrubbed off with these cleaning brushes.

v     Dishwasher safe – glass straws by Glass Dharma have a very high tensile strength designed for maximum durability.  This makes a dishwasher safe product and dishwasher cleaning of the straw is recommended for optimum sanitation.

v     Hard water stains - A simple submerged soak in distilled white vinegar from time to time will address hard water issues if the glass appears dull or cloudy over time.

The recommended storage of your glass straws is to leave them out, handy and ready for anyone to grab and use each time a hot or cold beverage is served.  A simple drinking glass might be the perfect container to keep the straws easily displayed whether you choose to keep them behind cupboard doors to keep them free of dust or left out on the table.  Often these straws are used and rewashed so frequently that leaving them out on the counter is completely acceptable.  

Not only does the clear glass show you just how clean it is, but also there is no surface condensation buildup as you use your straw.  Similarly, the straw retains a comfortable temperature as you sip.  If a hot beverage is ready to sip, the liquid makes its way through the glass straw and cools slightly more before reaching your lips, unlike metal reusable straw designs.

With these ideas in mind, one can relax about the care and ware of Glass Dharma Glass Straws and enjoy using one with every beverage, each and every day.