Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sipping through the Summer

The clinking of glass on ice will soon give way to the stirring of a steamy Latte… Another season is slowly slipping by as Glass Dharma continues expansion of sales, product line and the preparation for Holiday mega-sales.  Known for keeping up with the rapid pace of shipping out products in a timely fashion, the staff at Glass Dharma is determined to keep their reputation of quickly filling orders and getting the purchases into the hands of customers as volume constantly increases.  The minds behind the mission know that getting these glass straws into stores and households is making an impact!  The idea of “re-use” is spreading.  The merits to our environment, forthcoming.

The first reusable Glass Bubble Tea Straw, another new product, is finally here!  Designed specifically with “Boba” beverages in mind, this straw provides the proper function for the unique experience of tasting, sipping and chewing… all at the same time.  The Bubble Tea Straw diameter (14mm) is the exact size needed for tapioca pearls to slide easily through the straw.  Since Bubble Tea drinks do require a straw, many“disposable” plastic straws will not find their way into garbage piles and oceans!

On the opposite side of the straw size spectrum, Glass Dharma continues strong sales of our “Sippers”, a popular size for slow sipping and frequently used for shorter glassware and stemware.  This design, created for serious coffee and tea sipping as well as the wine and cocktail venue, is available in “simple elegance” and “decorative dots” styles.  The demand continually increases for these little straws with the thick wall design.   Though the sipper may appear dainty, quality and durability are not sacrificed.

The Glass Dharma email inboxes are frequently stuffed with response expressing gratitude for the design and function of our products.  Emails repeatedly express confidence in the quality and durability of Glass Dharma straws that are used daily by family members young and old.  First thoughts of “breakage fear” are quickly put to rest once the Glass Dharma straws are personally “tested”. 
This summer the Glass Dharma Design Team decided to take “another sip” and expand the line to include the Shorty - Short straws for short glasses (great for those short people we call kids, too!).  The Shorty keeps the same Glass Dharma integrity standards and offers a choice of two new diameters - 9.5mm and 12mm to customize your sipping preferences.  We know the Shorty will mean more cocktail delights (cheers!) and more kid users (hurray!).  At 6.25” long, the new Shorty is the perfect length for those smaller glasses and cups. 

The “Shorty” is a great choice for:
  • Kids
  • Blended drinks (think Margaritas and Strawberry Daiquiris)
  • Coffees and teas
  • Vegetable juices
  • Any drink that calls for a smaller glass or cup
Worldwide sales continually increase as our Glass Dharma community grows.  Many of our “Made in USA” products embark on overseas journeys.  Our oceans have no boundaries; all countries must unite in the effort to take care of our waterways.  Our Planet’s survival depends on it!
If you find yourself in the company of David Leonhardt (Founder/Owner), the staff at Glass Dharma will advise you to keep mindful of certain phrases that may slip forth from your lips.  David will return a question to those that absentmindedly utter the phrase “Throw it away”.  With an intently quizzical expression, he will quietly ask you, “Where is ‘away’…?”

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  1. Glad to hear everything is going well and I'm always excited to hear about new products. I LOVE the straws and the staff.

    I keep forgetting to get a picture of my straw in my martini when I go to my favorite lounge. I know the staff there quite well and they have learned not to give me a straw because I have my own. :) They tease me for it but they think they are pretty cool.