Wednesday, June 17, 2009

by Cheryl Newcomb

Sitting out on my back patio on a gorgeous summer day, my thoughts drift… could it really be a whole year ago that I was sitting in this same spot, marveling at how the events of the previous year had quickly brought me to a new phase in my career? I reminisce, lemonade in hand and ice tinkling against the side of the glass as I stir with my glass straw. I remember the first conversation that eventually brought a multitude of ideas that continue to branch. A new career opportunity generated as the conversation continued and it became the catalyst for so many non-work related life choices!

The introduction of the idea of a simple glass straw intrigued me. The invitation to use my marketing skills to introduce this new product idea fell right into my lap. Alternately, I was still underestimating the power behind the idea of this one simple item.

Surprisingly, my newfound duties quickly began to take shape. “Purpose” started popping out of all directions faster than I could even imagine as a flood of information started to crowd my inboxes and files. Contacts made so quickly my head was spinning and invitations to provide a simple utensil and the “message” that came with it, evolved from a mere "task" to more of a *mission*. My workdays became somewhat frenzied, but always with sincere motivation spurring me on. A simple glass straw… Who knew? …

Popularity of this new idea of drinking with glass straws makes my current job of Marketing Manager at Glass Dharma an absolute pleasure. So many people are looking for plastic alternatives as the Evening News brings increasing reports about the harm to our health and our environment that occurs due to our culture’s obsession with plastics usage. The education actually becomes my own and I constantly look for new ways to eliminate plastics from my home and lifestyle.

The expansion of the Glass Dharma line of glass straws provides variety and style by a company that feels its purpose and rises to the challenge to reach out. This, in my opinion, is the most fun part of the adventure! Not only do requests come forth for specific lengths, diameters and designs, but also the carrying of the straw brings a need for accessories that now are treading into the realm of fashion! The desire to “bring your own” has been heard loud and clear at Glass Dharma as the company quickly fills requests and considers new needs and options. Each day that I bury myself into the duties at hand, I have to wonder… how many plastic straws wasted did each glass straw save? Moreover, how much plastic awareness did the idea behind the glass straw create? How many individuals reconsider plastics options? The answer to these questions speaks the power behind this journey that I have found myself on….


  1. What a wonderful post! It's amazing what these straws are doing for awareness.

  2. I find that placing the glass straws in a clear glass vase or decorative jar is a decor accent alone! Then they are ready to grab at any whim. Just place the straws in the dishwasher siverware basket after use. If they get dusty sitting out (they don't if used often)put them all, including the vase or container, into the dishwasher once in a while. Yvonne