Monday, January 26, 2009

Making The Glass Difference

Adventures continue as GlassDharma continues to grow, keeping me humble as I discover that this company and it’s mission to educate about the benefits of glass vs. plastic, brings education back to me, full circle. My idea to design a line of glass drinking straws and make them available became the catalyst for being able to provide information to the public about the glass difference and the effects that our plastic use has on our environment. I had no idea that such a huge response would occur, gradually changing the way I think about each simple task that I take on.

As the Customer base builds and the Bloggers and News Reporters respond to the GlassDharma website, it is my privilege to have direct contact with the caring and kindness of others. These people do not take their place on this earth for granted. They see that the planet we all live on needs great care and they are willing to play the part, and make the difference, no matter how large or small. They realize the impact that repetitive behavior has on our environment. And, how quickly the accumulation of waste can change one’s surroundings. They pay attention to safe dispensing of food and beverages and stay on top of health issues. They are nurturing individuals that place a high value on the care of themselves and all living things.

Therefore, my simple mission has expanded. Collectively the difference made becomes even more powerful….

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  1. Great Article! Anyway, i found a website that contains heaps of information about the environment. Here’s the link: Hope you guys enjoy it!