Saturday, January 31, 2009

Acting on a Question

I do my best to avoid “The News”. Our TV is reserved solely for select DVDs, it doesn't even have an antenna. I'm careful about what I let into my head. You know the “What you focus on expands” stuff. I think that is why so many boomers “got lost” after the sixties (myself included). We bought the media package and “went with the program” instead of following our hearts – at least I did.

Even still, “The News” still creeps in from time to time. Especially on the internet. I am finding more and more reports about the dangers of BPA leaching into our foods and beverages. I must conclude that using glass would be the best option for all food storage and serve-ware.

My own common sense approach to the news is that we have gradually "collected" so much plastic over the years (remember when mayonnaise came in glass jars?) that the parallel of human disease and the excessive use of plastics are a wake up call.

I do not understand the approach to avoid action because “We do not have enough evidence to be sure about the causes of”… Global Warming, Holes in the Ozone or Plastics in our Diet are real issues. To me, if it's happening, what can I do to mitigate the situation regardless of cause? What do I tell my grandchildren when we live in a toxic garbage dump? That I wasn't sure what caused it, so I did nothing? That it was too big of a problem for me to solve, so I didn't try?

No, I'm not perfect. I drive a car, I still use some single-use plastics, but in the past several years, I have been asking myself certain questions and step by step, finding ways to avoid them (the plastics, not the questions).

A quick unplanned trip to the store – yeah, I forgot to bring the bags – I got 4 items – do I REALLY need a bag? Don't my hands and arms still work? At the restaurant: “Water please, no ice, no straw”.

I cannot begin with perfection, but I can start with where I am, and with one foot in front of the other, participate in the greening of the planet rather than watching it decay. Anybody else? Hop on board – the party starts here!!

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