Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy "National Drinking Straw" Day!

January – in all its glory, is a time for new beginnings.   A time to reflect on the past and then move forward.  It is now time to put the holiday decorations away and forge on toward the promise of springtime on the horizon… It’s time to re-organize and try on those new resolutions…

In 2009, the Glass Dharma office staff learned that January holds yet another significant day.  Ta-da!  … “National Drinking Straw Day” is January 3!  Now there are other recorded anniversaries on January 3rd, but the idea of an official National Drinking Straw Day is a happy thought within a company where the invention of the drinking straw is celebrated every day!

It began in 1888 when Marvin Stone wrapped a piece of paper around a pencil to produce the first drinking straw.  Marvin’s new product, patented on January 3, became his claim to fame.  Prior eras were thought to have used a piece of dried rye grass (straw) for their sipping amusements but Marvin Stone goes into the history books as a first ever inventor of the drinking straw. By 1890, Stone’s drinking straw sales exceeded his previously designed product, cigarette paper holders.  Since then, there are many different methods and materials used to manufacture drinking straws. 

Not everyone thinks that drinking straws are a necessity.  Remarks from a few online bloggers claim that one might opt to not use straws at all to be truly “eco”. Should drinking straws be completely eliminated in order to save the environment of so much plastic waste?  Many people are willing and able to drink from the rim of a glass or cup.  Conversely, there is a huge population of individuals who continue to use drinking straws.  Some of these folks have medical difficulties. Others prefer to avoid direct mouth contact with a receptacle handled by the beverage server.  Even more beverage consumers just love sipping through a straw for no other reason than pure preference!

The number of straws produced throughout the years shows that the trend of drinking through a straw is not going to disappear.  Some argue that a straw represents a seemingly small example of waste compared to larger items that end up in our oceans and landfills. While a straw is small in comparison, the magnitude becomes evident by the volume of straws used each day.  Figure in the large percentage of the world’s population that prefers to use straws. (Who, in the world, does not drink beverages?)  If these large numbers of people are spurred to re-think their use of all “disposable” products, a profound effect may occur as we make choices and decide what we contribute to the “waste” piles that accumulate all over our planet.

The growth in sales of Glass Dharma Glass Straws suggest that there are many who wish to use drinking straws and the numbers are increasingly growing for those who wish to sip through a straw without the impact of creating unnecessary pollution.  As the trend escalates, those that care about protecting our resources show that they will scout out every opportunity to find better ways of doing everyday deeds and shop for better products to serve their needs and the idea of “re-use”.  This creates an energy of viral thinking… exactly the purpose of the mission!

As we enter a new decade, Best Wishes extend to you from behind the doors of Glass Dharma for a Happy, Prosperous New Year filled with Thoughtful Choices -- and may we all have a very “Happy National Drinking Straw Day!”

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

The days of December begin with a fury of dashing about as last minute plans for Holiday gatherings take priority.  Planning, shopping, wrapping and baking become squeezed into days that are already too busy.  Sometimes it just seems like too much… too much food, too much activity, too much stuff... and we vow each year as we put away the last traces of Holiday d├ęcor, that next year will be different.  That somehow we will simplify.  The Spirit of the Season seems to get lost as the importance of having external “things” leaves us with little time and energy for the Peaceful and Meaningful Moments that we crave.

Excess… why do we let it take over?
hemp sleeves, glass straws, stocking, holiday, glassdharma

The planning for thoughtful gift giving that takes place early in the season seems to convert into a crazy last minute pressure.  Gotta go… Gotta get… Gotta have…

Suddenly, it seems that the carefully planned gift inventory caves… and we need to get more “stuff” to balance the inventory.  As the hours count down, the last minute attempts to pull it all together bring about even more “stuff”.  At last, we have to “stuff” those stockings – and with what?  How much of what we buy to put into the stockings ends up in the landfill?

Generations before us traditionally stuffed their stockings (yes, real socks) with nuts, fruit and home baked goodies.  Generation X will never know the delight of finding homemade candy in a fuzzy sock, never mind that the lint stuck on to the candy as they hung in the foggy night air.  There were no wrappers, plastic toys, or “disposable” items.  It was the feeling behind the tradition.  It was magic!

So how about we put a little eco-thought into this process? – break some bad habits and let creative ideas flow.  The Sustainable Stocking might be the new tradition.  Today’s gifts might be an attitude of “less is more”.  Maybe the stocking will have nuts and fruit this year… or items that are reused over and over, replacing the need for “disposable” items…

Just maybe – this is the year we will consider this path we all walk together and plan for the simple good wishes and care of ourselves and each other and where we abide.  Joy, Love and Peace do not come packaged in cartons or wrappers. They are the Gifts of the truest form.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Many Thanks...

The official American Holiday of Thanksgiving is approaching as the Harvest Season brings forth an array of fruits and vegetables from the farmlands to our kitchens. The bounty is plentiful as we gather around tables with friends and family mindful of the many facets of how *Thankfulness* plays within the realm of our every day experiences. The many Gifts are prevalent, but to notice and acknowledge them brings true focus to Abundant Living.

Behind the doors of Glass Dharma, *Gratitude* is the key component igniting the main workforce that thrives within company walls as everyday tasks take place.  The creation of Glass Dharma Straws coupled with an amazing worldwide response of *Gratitude* for a reusable, sustainable product, lays a solid foundation for a company that continues to reach across continents, offering a solution to excessive plastic waste.  This mission of mutual awareness remains forefront to all operational processes.  Great care resonates throughout the departments of Glass Dharma from design and manufacturing, through shipping and customer care.

Reuse is the absolute expression of *Gratitude* for “Earth-care”.  Appreciation for our lands and oceans leads us to respect the force of a nature balance that nurtures our own well-being.  It is with hearts of *Gratitude* for our Planet’s resources that we carefully choose what we buy, have, use and “dispose” of.

 Heartfelt *Gratitude* abounds for the news reporters and bloggers that enthusiastically help to introduce the idea of “reuse” in creative ways and with so many different perspectives.  These Associates deserve credit for their own part in helping with the expansion process of Glass Dharma. Thanks to all who participate, the mission continues through shear willingness of many who embrace *Gratitude* for our Habitat in the same way that spurred the preliminary ideas that led to the beginning of “Glass Dharma” as a business.

 The entire Glass Dharma Staff extends heartfelt sentiments, wishing you a Happy Harvest Season and to say to each of our many supporters, “Thank you!”

*Happy Thanksgiving*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fresh Pumpkin Smoothie


Serves 3

1 ½ t. Cinnamon
¾ t. freshly grated Nutmeg
¼ t. ground Cloves
2 t. freshly grated fresh Ginger Root
½ t. orange zest
1 t. powdered Stevia
2 t. pure Maple Syrup
(optional) scrape out contents from the inside of a Vanilla Bean

Juice of 1 Orange
                                      2 t. Coconut Oil (blended with juice of orange)
                                        1 small grated Apple (or Pear)
                                        (Optional) a few frozen Grapes
                                        20 oz. cold unsweetened Almond Milk
                                        3 c. shredded fresh Pumpkin -
                                        previously frozen*                                         

This is a blender friendly recipe, the secret is to pre-freeze the peeled and shredded Raw  Pumpkin and grated Ginger Root.  Spread it in a thin layer on a cookie sheet, freeze for 1 hour and then break it up with a fork or knife while maintaining it’s frozen* state.  This method keeps it from clumping and makes it easy to store in the freezer.

Process in blender or with method of choice.
Serve in a chilled glass with a Glass Straw.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Cleaning Of The Straw

Introducing the idea of a reusable glass straw will often bring certain questions from those people who are just beginning to wrap their minds around the concept.

Often the first question is, “Will it break?”

Glass IS what these drinking straws are made of, but this is not just any ordinary glass ….  The method of manufacturing Glass Dharma straws is the result of extensive research to find the best materials available.  The most stringent methods for implementation of the annealing process ensures the highest standards for a most durable product, while maintaining the purity and elegance of glass.

The strength of Glass Dharma straws surprises many once the product finds its way to beverage sippers.  Glass Dharma continues to honor a manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage on every straw that leaves their warehouse. 

Does this mean they will never break?

They are made of glass so break testing is not the recommended procedure upon obtaining your very first glass straw.  

   Thanks to Little Diva at

The second question that comes to mind as one digests the new idea of a reusable  glass straw is, “How will I keep it clean?

One factor behind the function of Glass Dharma Glass Straws is sanitation.  Sparkling clean glass straws that keep the taste experience as pure as the beverage itself.  This  is easy to attain following these simple guidelines:

v     Use cleaning brushes - available in specific sizes to match your straw diameter choices.  If your smoothie dried on the straw because you left it out all night, it can be soaked away or simply scrubbed off with these cleaning brushes.

v     Dishwasher safe – glass straws by Glass Dharma have a very high tensile strength designed for maximum durability.  This makes a dishwasher safe product and dishwasher cleaning of the straw is recommended for optimum sanitation.

v     Hard water stains - A simple submerged soak in distilled white vinegar from time to time will address hard water issues if the glass appears dull or cloudy over time.

The recommended storage of your glass straws is to leave them out, handy and ready for anyone to grab and use each time a hot or cold beverage is served.  A simple drinking glass might be the perfect container to keep the straws easily displayed whether you choose to keep them behind cupboard doors to keep them free of dust or left out on the table.  Often these straws are used and rewashed so frequently that leaving them out on the counter is completely acceptable.  

Not only does the clear glass show you just how clean it is, but also there is no surface condensation buildup as you use your straw.  Similarly, the straw retains a comfortable temperature as you sip.  If a hot beverage is ready to sip, the liquid makes its way through the glass straw and cools slightly more before reaching your lips, unlike metal reusable straw designs.

With these ideas in mind, one can relax about the care and ware of Glass Dharma Glass Straws and enjoy using one with every beverage, each and every day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sipping through the Summer

The clinking of glass on ice will soon give way to the stirring of a steamy Latte… Another season is slowly slipping by as Glass Dharma continues expansion of sales, product line and the preparation for Holiday mega-sales.  Known for keeping up with the rapid pace of shipping out products in a timely fashion, the staff at Glass Dharma is determined to keep their reputation of quickly filling orders and getting the purchases into the hands of customers as volume constantly increases.  The minds behind the mission know that getting these glass straws into stores and households is making an impact!  The idea of “re-use” is spreading.  The merits to our environment, forthcoming.

The first reusable Glass Bubble Tea Straw, another new product, is finally here!  Designed specifically with “Boba” beverages in mind, this straw provides the proper function for the unique experience of tasting, sipping and chewing… all at the same time.  The Bubble Tea Straw diameter (14mm) is the exact size needed for tapioca pearls to slide easily through the straw.  Since Bubble Tea drinks do require a straw, many“disposable” plastic straws will not find their way into garbage piles and oceans!

On the opposite side of the straw size spectrum, Glass Dharma continues strong sales of our “Sippers”, a popular size for slow sipping and frequently used for shorter glassware and stemware.  This design, created for serious coffee and tea sipping as well as the wine and cocktail venue, is available in “simple elegance” and “decorative dots” styles.  The demand continually increases for these little straws with the thick wall design.   Though the sipper may appear dainty, quality and durability are not sacrificed.

The Glass Dharma email inboxes are frequently stuffed with response expressing gratitude for the design and function of our products.  Emails repeatedly express confidence in the quality and durability of Glass Dharma straws that are used daily by family members young and old.  First thoughts of “breakage fear” are quickly put to rest once the Glass Dharma straws are personally “tested”. 
This summer the Glass Dharma Design Team decided to take “another sip” and expand the line to include the Shorty - Short straws for short glasses (great for those short people we call kids, too!).  The Shorty keeps the same Glass Dharma integrity standards and offers a choice of two new diameters - 9.5mm and 12mm to customize your sipping preferences.  We know the Shorty will mean more cocktail delights (cheers!) and more kid users (hurray!).  At 6.25” long, the new Shorty is the perfect length for those smaller glasses and cups. 

The “Shorty” is a great choice for:
  • Kids
  • Blended drinks (think Margaritas and Strawberry Daiquiris)
  • Coffees and teas
  • Vegetable juices
  • Any drink that calls for a smaller glass or cup
Worldwide sales continually increase as our Glass Dharma community grows.  Many of our “Made in USA” products embark on overseas journeys.  Our oceans have no boundaries; all countries must unite in the effort to take care of our waterways.  Our Planet’s survival depends on it!
If you find yourself in the company of David Leonhardt (Founder/Owner), the staff at Glass Dharma will advise you to keep mindful of certain phrases that may slip forth from your lips.  David will return a question to those that absentmindedly utter the phrase “Throw it away”.  With an intently quizzical expression, he will quietly ask you, “Where is ‘away’…?”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

by Cheryl Newcomb

Sitting out on my back patio on a gorgeous summer day, my thoughts drift… could it really be a whole year ago that I was sitting in this same spot, marveling at how the events of the previous year had quickly brought me to a new phase in my career? I reminisce, lemonade in hand and ice tinkling against the side of the glass as I stir with my glass straw. I remember the first conversation that eventually brought a multitude of ideas that continue to branch. A new career opportunity generated as the conversation continued and it became the catalyst for so many non-work related life choices!

The introduction of the idea of a simple glass straw intrigued me. The invitation to use my marketing skills to introduce this new product idea fell right into my lap. Alternately, I was still underestimating the power behind the idea of this one simple item.

Surprisingly, my newfound duties quickly began to take shape. “Purpose” started popping out of all directions faster than I could even imagine as a flood of information started to crowd my inboxes and files. Contacts made so quickly my head was spinning and invitations to provide a simple utensil and the “message” that came with it, evolved from a mere "task" to more of a *mission*. My workdays became somewhat frenzied, but always with sincere motivation spurring me on. A simple glass straw… Who knew? …

Popularity of this new idea of drinking with glass straws makes my current job of Marketing Manager at Glass Dharma an absolute pleasure. So many people are looking for plastic alternatives as the Evening News brings increasing reports about the harm to our health and our environment that occurs due to our culture’s obsession with plastics usage. The education actually becomes my own and I constantly look for new ways to eliminate plastics from my home and lifestyle.

The expansion of the Glass Dharma line of glass straws provides variety and style by a company that feels its purpose and rises to the challenge to reach out. This, in my opinion, is the most fun part of the adventure! Not only do requests come forth for specific lengths, diameters and designs, but also the carrying of the straw brings a need for accessories that now are treading into the realm of fashion! The desire to “bring your own” has been heard loud and clear at Glass Dharma as the company quickly fills requests and considers new needs and options. Each day that I bury myself into the duties at hand, I have to wonder… how many plastic straws wasted did each glass straw save? Moreover, how much plastic awareness did the idea behind the glass straw create? How many individuals reconsider plastics options? The answer to these questions speaks the power behind this journey that I have found myself on….

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to "Dress" your Glass Straw

Everyday I learn things from my customers as I fill orders and answer emails. Not long ago, I received an email questioning the ethics behind using fabric made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles to carry the Glass Dharma glass drinking straws. Our current line of “cozies” ranging in eight different colors and three sizes have been a strong selling item, but I took the question seriously and went to the sewers at Glass Dharma for some new ideas…

The result of that request is a product with lasting wear and I now offer this alternative to the current line of cozies - Soft Sleeves made from 100% Romanian Hemp. These sleeves are machine washable and have a superior durability factor. And they are beautiful!

Why Hemp?
Hemp is 100% reusable and renewable. An acre of hemp can produce as much fiber as four acres of trees and two of cotton. It can be cultivated in as little as 100 days. Hemp’s earth-friendly properties include a natural resistance to pesticides and can easily be grown organically. Dense planting leaves little space for light, which causes a natural form of weed control. It grows extremely fast in any kind of climate. Hemp does not exhaust the soil and uses little water to flourish.

Hemp has a longstanding American history of cultivation for different uses. President Washington grew hemp. So did President Jefferson. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper and Betsy Ross sewed the USA flag on hemp material!

Hemp, known for natural antimicrobial properties, is more absorbent than cotton fabrics. Deodorizing and anti-fungal properties of this fiber make it an ideal choice for picnic baskets and lunch boxes.

Why is this hemp grown in Romania? This brings interesting information to the table. Using hemp for manufacturing is certainly an earth friendly choice!

One way to ensure more cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes is to buy hemp.

I am curious to see what my customers will have to say about their own preferred way to carry their reusable glass straw…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have heard of few people in the world that have as much dedication and determination to live their core values as Beth Terry does. She is the "blogger of all things plastic" at Fake Plastic Fish and I am honored to have her as a guest blogger on our site. DL.

Do small changes, like switching to glass drinking straws, make a difference?

A while back, I was very happy to be the subject of an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about my blog, Fake Plastic Fish, and my project to eliminate as much new plastic from my life as possible. The author mentioned the fact that I had given up plastic drinking straws and now carry a GlassDharma drinking straw wherever I go.

This statement became the subject of much derision on the snarky web site,, and helped me to really ask myself, "What impact do a few drinking straws have when the environmental problems in the world are so great?"

Surely, we can't restore the ecology of our planet, our home, if the only change we make in our lives is to change the method by which we suck up our milk shakes (or other beverages of choice.) And certainly, the types of liquids, as well as solids, we choose to consume, and thereby support, have a much greater impact (pesticides, chemical additives, hormones, food miles, etc.) than the delivery system from cup to mouth.

But as I argued in my post, Obama's F---ing Lightbulbs, drinking straws, like changing light bulbs, can be a gateway to bigger changes for those who have yet to analyze their consumption. And straws, unlike light bulbs, have the added benefit of being something we take out and use frequently, a regular reminder of the choices we've decided to make for the planet.

Moreover, for those of us who have already reduced our consumption considerably, a glass drinking straw provides one more way to combat the disposable mindset of our culture and to fight the plastic plague. And they are a conversation piece. Pull one out in any restaurant while refusing a plastic straw, and see what kind of interest is created. My glass straw has provided the doorway for several great conversations with waiters about environmental issues.

Of course, buying glass straws can also be just another symptom of over-consumption if they are purchased as just another fad and forgotten about. We certainly can't buy ourselves out of the mess we're in. Green purchases need to be mindful purchases. Buying a bunch of glass straws, using them for a few days, and then forgetting about them helps no one. (Except of course for David Leonhardt, a great guy who I'm happy to support. And I'm sure he doesn't want you to buy his straws and forget about them either!)

Switching from plastic to alternative materials like glass, stainless steel, wood, and natural fibers, is a step by step process. I've been trying for going on two years and am still not "there" yet. But I think the journey is worth it, if only for the peace I feel in the present moment. Have you started? How's it been for you?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it Working For You?

We live near the back entrance to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Today, I took Teddy (our Corgi) for a short walk, or so I thought. Unless Gail and I both go, Teddy usually isn't interested in the “long walk” which consists of a 1 mile trek through the gardens and out to the the ocean. To my surprise, he not only kept going, but he was running and pulling me much faster than his usual short-legged gait. Past the vegetable garden, around the huge Christmas Heather in full bloom, and all the way out to the bluffs.

Here we stand at the edge of the continent. A shift in perspective. Teddy poking his nose into gopher holes and me - watching the waves, feeling like a part of a bigger whole. Focusing my sight on the horizon, sensing the planet – part of the solar system – part of the galaxy – part of the cosmos. I start to think about what I had read earlier in the week.

One of my favorite bloggers is Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish. Recently in a blog titled Saving the Planet (aka Plastic, a**holes!) she linked to George Carlin's rant about human arrogance related to our concept of “environmentalism”. Click on the link above, watch George and then read Beth's blog for perspective before reading on.

Hilarious? There must be some truth in there – why else would we laugh?

So here we have a 4+ billion old planet that is being “screwed up” by us humans who have been here a mere 100k, at most a million years. In addition, we talk about plastics lasting thousands of years (as if that is a long time). So what is the bother? In another billion (or million) years, humankind may not exist – neither would plastic. Global warming would not be an issue because there may not be anyone to make it an issue.

Teddy and I start for home. He is still full of energy – running ahead – showing me the way. I couldn't help but wonder; so what's Georges point? Is it really useless to do anything about plastics – or the environment? It seems to me that this would be an endorsement for apathy.
Apathy does not work for me, neither does cynicism.

The bigger question: What works for you in your life, and is it really working?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Acting on a Question

I do my best to avoid “The News”. Our TV is reserved solely for select DVDs, it doesn't even have an antenna. I'm careful about what I let into my head. You know the “What you focus on expands” stuff. I think that is why so many boomers “got lost” after the sixties (myself included). We bought the media package and “went with the program” instead of following our hearts – at least I did.

Even still, “The News” still creeps in from time to time. Especially on the internet. I am finding more and more reports about the dangers of BPA leaching into our foods and beverages. I must conclude that using glass would be the best option for all food storage and serve-ware.

My own common sense approach to the news is that we have gradually "collected" so much plastic over the years (remember when mayonnaise came in glass jars?) that the parallel of human disease and the excessive use of plastics are a wake up call.

I do not understand the approach to avoid action because “We do not have enough evidence to be sure about the causes of”… Global Warming, Holes in the Ozone or Plastics in our Diet are real issues. To me, if it's happening, what can I do to mitigate the situation regardless of cause? What do I tell my grandchildren when we live in a toxic garbage dump? That I wasn't sure what caused it, so I did nothing? That it was too big of a problem for me to solve, so I didn't try?

No, I'm not perfect. I drive a car, I still use some single-use plastics, but in the past several years, I have been asking myself certain questions and step by step, finding ways to avoid them (the plastics, not the questions).

A quick unplanned trip to the store – yeah, I forgot to bring the bags – I got 4 items – do I REALLY need a bag? Don't my hands and arms still work? At the restaurant: “Water please, no ice, no straw”.

I cannot begin with perfection, but I can start with where I am, and with one foot in front of the other, participate in the greening of the planet rather than watching it decay. Anybody else? Hop on board – the party starts here!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Making The Glass Difference

Adventures continue as GlassDharma continues to grow, keeping me humble as I discover that this company and it’s mission to educate about the benefits of glass vs. plastic, brings education back to me, full circle. My idea to design a line of glass drinking straws and make them available became the catalyst for being able to provide information to the public about the glass difference and the effects that our plastic use has on our environment. I had no idea that such a huge response would occur, gradually changing the way I think about each simple task that I take on.

As the Customer base builds and the Bloggers and News Reporters respond to the GlassDharma website, it is my privilege to have direct contact with the caring and kindness of others. These people do not take their place on this earth for granted. They see that the planet we all live on needs great care and they are willing to play the part, and make the difference, no matter how large or small. They realize the impact that repetitive behavior has on our environment. And, how quickly the accumulation of waste can change one’s surroundings. They pay attention to safe dispensing of food and beverages and stay on top of health issues. They are nurturing individuals that place a high value on the care of themselves and all living things.

Therefore, my simple mission has expanded. Collectively the difference made becomes even more powerful….

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Touch of Glass...

It was about two years ago that I noticing the glass drinking straws displayed in the GlassWorks shop I was working at since our relocation to Fort Bragg. My occupation as a lampworker for more than a decade exposed me to many new ideas in glassworking, but I was intrigued by the design of the glass straws and their elegant simplicity coupled with the idea of everyday function. I had been reading about how plastics leach toxins into our foods and knew for quite some time how plastics not only increase our landfill, but huge amounts of plastic never even make it through the recycling process. These massive amounts of plastic end up in our environment, destroying wildlife on land and in our oceans.

A plastic straw may not seem very threatening, and to be sure, there are bigger forces out there in our society that seriously need to be addressed. However, my interest was peaked. I started doing research on how many plastic straws are used on a daily basis worldwide. I saw this as having potential to make a significant difference. It is not so much teaching people how not to pollute – most of us recycle to an extent. We know the basics, but I find myself pulling “Baggies” off the store shelf and tossing them into my cloth shopping bag. What's up with that!? Just how silly is it to have so many single use plastics in our society, knowing how damaging they are? All the while, knowing that a large percentage of recyclable plastic is not being recycled and nothing is being done about it?! A moment of clarity took place when I realized that “all we need to do is change the way we think!”

My vision crystallized as I realized that Glass Drinking Straws could be a teaching tool. How easy is it to learn to say “no straw, please” when ordering drinks in a restaurant? How difficult is it to insist on a paper bag at the grocery store – or better yet, buy fabric reusable bags to bring when grocery shopping? My thought process continued… what else are we doing that negatively affects our planet just because it was the way we have always done it? What if – someday - the concept of single-use plastics becomes nothing more than a dim memory?

This was the beginning of a new idea for me and it was at this time that GlassDharma was born. GlassDharma has become the vehicle with which to implement my new mission, reducing the carbon footprint while providing a quality product that brings beauty and style to everyday experiences. Our company was founded on the belief in that we all deserve the best life has to offer; healthy living in a healthy world – with “A Touch of Glass”

I now feel myself fully coming to life again ... coming into my own. Here is where I can make a difference on this planet. Now, I am more than just taking up space and sucking air...