Friday, November 17, 2017

Holiday Gift Sets

Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal!
We set up a sweet eco-friendly gift package for you! 

Order any straw up to 7" long and a brush and get a free Shorty Cream color hemp sleeve as pictured by writing in the comments "Free hemp sleeve". 
**Value of $16 each**

Eligible straws include:
Earth Straws 5" (+/- 1/4") in 9.5mm or 12mm
Simple Elegance 7mm x 6.25"
Decorative Dots 7mm x 6.25"
Lid Straw 8mm x 7"
Simple Elegance 9.5mm and 12mm in 6.25" and 7". 

We recommend these straws for cocktails, children and even tea and coffee!
There is a perfect straw for everyone!

**Sets of 4 of any of the above would also qualify for a free Shorty hemp sleeve in Cream color with a request in the Comments section.
*Sale ends 11/30/2017
50% off OJT Straws
Set of 4 was $29.99 - now ONLY $15.00!!

Through the years, GlassDharma has strive to produce the best quality glass straws possible. Needless to say - that in that process of training employees, we have accumulated quite a few straws that did not pass our stringent QC standards. We refer to them as OJT straws (on the job training). For many it would be hard to tell why they are considered seconds! 

These OJT Straws go through the same exact processes 
that all of our industry leading straws go through!

They ARE guaranteed not to have any cracks. 
They are structurally just as durable and safe as our regular straws.
You are welcome to purchase more than 1 set as long as supplies last.  

They are listed under New Stuff
Use 50% off coupon code: OJT50
You can purchase as many as supplies last
This pre-bundled set includes: 
  • 2 - 9.5 x 9" Ice Tea Beautiful Bends
  • 2 - 12mm x 9" Smoothie Beautiful Bends
(Value if from regular stock would be $42!)
The finer print: 
  • This bundle does not include a cleaning brush but can be added to the cart by selecting "Continue Shopping" and then "Accessories" 
  • These straws DO NOT come with our satisfaction or breakage guarantees. 
  • All straws are sold as is and do not include boxes. 
  • All sales of cosmetically challenged straws are final.
  • No substitutions please
  • Expires 11/30/2017 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Earth Day 2017 Multi-Media Contest

****** Deadline Extended to April 30th ******

Our favorite month is here! We are so excited to announce this year’s Earth Day contest! In addition to FREE Earth Straws, we will be holding a contest and you will have the chance to win a gift basket of PRIZES!

You probably know by now that 500 million straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. That’s 175 Billion a year filtering into landfills and littering our waterways and oceans * Most of these straws are used for only a couple minutes of enjoyment and then tossed in the trash.

All around the world individuals, companies, non-profits and even governments are working to ban single use straws! We are all chipping away at this problem from every angle and it is working!

This year we were thinking of how helpful it would be to have more multi-media (videos and graphics) to share with information about single-use plastic straws. SO, we will be hosting a month long contest, collecting submissions of informational videos and or graphics. We will choose 1 Grand Prize winner and 2 Runner-Ups.

** Over $200 in prizes ** See list of prizes below **
We will also feature these winning submissions along with others that inspire us on our website, social media and newsletter campaigns. Please join us in helping spread the word about the negative impacts of plastic straws and how we can change our habits!

2 Entry Options:
- 1 Minute YouTube Video OR
- 1 Informational Graphic 

(Graphic must be at least 800x800 pixels)
Some graphic examples:

Qualifying Entries MUST:
1. Be ORIGINAL work
2. Include educational information about the effects of plastic straws AND what people can do to help (BONUS points for including GlassDharma straws)
3. Submit YouTube link and/or graphic file by emailing them to Please include your full name and mailing address (See below for international submissions).
4. Bonus: Share to social media: Either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You have to tag @glassdharma and use hashtag #GlassDharmaEarthDay2017.
5. Be received by 4/30/2017 **extended deadline**.

* There is no limit on entries. For example, you can enter multiple videos and/or multiple graphics - each will be a separate entry.
* For international participants we will award 2 $75 GlassDharma gift certificate to our favorite video and favorite graphic submissions!
* We will announce the winners by May 1st and ship the prizes/email gift certificates the first week of May.

1st place winner will receive:
$50 Gift Certificate to GlassDharma’s Webstore
Varity Pack of Kombucha from Clearly Kombucha
1 Snack Bag and 2 Sandwhich Bags from Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags
1 Set of 20 Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs (Pins) from
1 Variety Pack of 12 Health Bars from GoMacro
1 20 oz. Cruiser from HealthyHuman
1 Set of 3 Reusable Lunch Boxes from EcoLunchBox
1 Infinity Scarf from Synergy Organic Clothing

2nd place winner will receive:
$50 Gift Certificate to GlassDharma's Webstore
1 21 oz. Stein from HealthyHuman
Shampoo from Green and Gorgeous Organics
Organic Laundry Starter Kit from Buckaroo Organics
Lelani and the Plastic 
Kingdom by Robb N. Johnston

3rd place winner will receive:

$50 gift certificate to GlassDharma’s Webstore
1 Tea Towel from Kitchen + Kraft
The Complete Idiots Guide to Juice Fasting by Steve Prussack and Bo Rinaldi

GlassDharma was founded on the idea of starting with something small, simple and ordinary: a drinking straw! Replacing this one everyday s
ingle-use plastic item with a reusable alternative has become a “teaching tool” that inspires many to make a switch toward reducing waste and eliminating the need for plastics in general. GlassDharma’s vision of a clean planet and healthy environment for all who live here is reflected in every straw we sell. Please join us in our call to end single-use plastic straws by participating in our Earth Day contest!

All Month Long Offers (website only)

* 25% off all straws!


*Free Earth Straw with each $25 or more purchase

* No coupon necessary
* There is no limit on free straws; each free straw must have a qualifying $25 purchase.
* Must request the free straw in the order’s comments and clarify which diameter you want (12mm Smoothie or 9.5mm Iced Tea).

Happy Earth Day 2017 – from GlassDharma

For more information on GlassDharma, please visit
Questions about Earth Day 2017?
Call: 707.964.9350

Thank you to our sponsors:

Stasher - Silicone Storage Bags
GoMacro - Health Food Bars
HealthyHuman - Reusable Steins and Cruisers
Pincinox - Stainless Steel Pegs (Clothespins)
Synergy Organic Clothing - Organic Cotton Infinity Scarf
Kitchen + Kraft - Kitchen Tea Towels
ECOlunchbox - Reusable Seal Cup Trio Lunch Boxes
Clearly Kombucha - Varity Pack of Kombucha
Green and Gorgeous Organics - Organic Natural Dry Shampoo
Buckaroo Organics - Organic Cleaning Supplies

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

GlassDharma's 10 Year Anniversary!

Celebrating GlassDharma's 10 Year Anniversary & the Birth of the Glass Straw Industry!

Wow! 10 years! It is not very often that someone can say they created a whole new industry but look what happened! We started GlassDharma 10 years ago, put up the first website for glass drinking straws and now there is a whole industry of glass drinking straws being made all over the world! GlassDharma has actually shipped straws to over 60 countries! We are proud of what has evolved and very grateful to all of our loyal customers both retail and wholesale. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are even grateful to our competitors who took our lead and decided that they also wanted to make a difference by providing a sustainable product that would help to replace single-use plastic straws! For every glass straw that is purchased, 1000's of plastic straws are kept from our landfills and oceans.

Some Glass Straw History 
1940s & 50s Glass Swizzle Straws
Did we really make the very first glass drinking straw? No, there were actually glass straws used in the medical field as far back as the early 1900's. Here is a picture of very fragile antique straws from around the 1950's. There was a movie made in the 1940's with Humphrey Bogart called Dark Passage where he plays an escaped convict who has plastic surgery on his face. There is a scene where he uses a glass straw to drink while his face is all bandaged. These straws were most likely made from soda lime glass and were not very durable.

How Did We Get Started?
We are often asked how did we get the idea for glass straws. We credit our beginnings to Living Light Culinary Institute who approached Pacific Glassworks (formerly MacNeil Glass) in Fort Bragg, CA to make glass drinking straws for their students to have a reusable and sustainable straw. David Leonhardt, a long time glassblower and new to Fort Bragg, was asked by Terry Anderson, the owner of Pacific Glassworks to "be the show" on Saturdays. He noticed the glass straws and immediately saw a use for them to replace plastic straws and help cut back the plastic pollution caused by single-use plastics. Terry gave her blessings on David taking glass straws out into the world and GlassDharma was born!

In addition to starting a whole new industry, GlassDharma is very proud of creating the lifetime guarantee - if your straw breaks, for any reason, you can have it replaced for free (not including shipping). How unusual is that? We started this because most people assumed that if they had a glass straw, they would just break it immediately. We wanted people to see how durable our straws really are. We often say that they are made out of borosilicate glass, the strongest that is commercially available - the same as vintage Pyrex®. Yes, if you drop them on tile, they will probably break. We have noticed that some people choose not to take advantage of our guarantee when they know that any glass would have broken in certain circumstances - we leave it up to you! We are always delighted when someone makes additional purchases with their replacement straw! Apparently, this is such a good idea, a number of other glass straw makers have subsequently also offered some kind of guarantee.

Plastic-free Packaging 
Packaging is another area where GlassDharma has excelled! We have made great efforts and expense to develop packaging with no plastic but still protective. Both our Online packaging for website sales and our Brick & Mortar packaging are free of any plastic, made from recycled corrugated cardboard and chipboard. Our hemp sleeves and Family Pack Carriers are in 100% compostable cellophane sleeves. When orders come in that request no plastic in the packaging or shipping materials, we say, "Of course!"

Highest Quality, Satisfaction Guarantee and Excellent Customer Service
We truly do want our customers to be delighted with their GlassDharma straws and have very liberal policies. We treat you how we would want to be treated and often go even a bit farther. We hear from our customers daily on how impressed they are and how much they love our straws! Even when we make a mistake, we often hear how much people appreciate our customer service!

Why Dharma?
This is a Sanskrit word that has a various meanings. In our case we are using "right way of living" or "path of rightness" which also relates to higher purpose. We feel that taking care of our bodies and the planet is the right way to live and we offer GlassDharma straws with this purpose as well as serving as an educational tool to build awareness of alternatives to single-use plastics.

So what are we doing to celebrate our 10 
year anniversary? 

* Starting on March 1, 2017, for the whole month, we are reducing all straw pricing 25% for both website sales and wholesale purchases!

* We are also offering weekly giveaways, which will include products from various partners as well as some GlassDharma gift certificates.

*To learn how to enter these giveaways, make sure to follow us on social media! Each week will be different!

March 27th - April 2nd 2017 Giveaway Prizes Include:

1. A 3 Piece set of Reusable Lunch Boxes from ECOLunchBox
2. Kombucha delivered to your door from Clearly Kombucha
3. A Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lid and Stainless Steel Band from EcoJarz + a Lid Straw from GlassDharma to go with it! 
4. A set of 4 straws (plus a brush) of your choice from GlassDharma
(Over $100 in Prizes!!) Winner gets ALL!

2 Ways to Enter:

To enter giveaway, you must do all 3 actions:
1. Like the Facebook giveaway post:
2. Comment below on the Facebook giveaway post telling us what you are going to do for Earth Day
3. Comment below on THIS 10 Year Anniversary Blog telling us something you learned from the blog
4. For 5 EXTRA entries SHARE this Facebook post and tag GlassDharma
5. Make sure you are on our Newsletter

1. On Instagram follow GlassDharmaECOLunchBoxEcoJarzClearly Kombucha
2. Like the Instagram giveaway post
3. Tag 3 friends in that post 
4. Comment on the Instagram giveaway post telling us what you are going to do for Earth Day
5. For 5 EXTRA entries REPOST this Instagram post and tag GlassDharma
* Entries must be submitted by 12 PM (PST) April 2nd 
* Winner will be announced by end of day on April 2nd
* Contest is for US residents only
* Winner will be contacted via DM
* Your account must be public to enter

March 20th - March 26th 2017 GiveawaPrizes Include:

1. $30 Gift Certificate to The Mason Bar Company
2. 1 Tea Towel from Kitchen and Kraft
3. 3 Reusable Silicone Storage Bags from Stasher Bag
4. 1 Set of 20 Stainless Steel Clothespegs (Pins) from Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs
5. $50 Gift Certificate to GlassDharma
(Over $150 in Prizes!!)

** This is an Instagram Only Giveaway
**Giveaway closes 3/26 at 12 pm (PDT). **Winner will be contacted via DM. 
**This contest is for US residents only. **Your account must be public to enter. 

Thank you to our fabulous partners for all of their awesome donations!
Stasher - Silicone Storage Bags
GoMacro - Health Food Bars
HealthyHuman - Reusable Steins and Cruisers
The Complete Idiots Guide to Juice Fasting by Steve Prussack and Bo Rinaldi 
All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper
Lelani and the Plastic Kingdom by Robb N. Johnston
Mason Bar Company - $30 Gift Certificate
Pincinox - Stainless Steel Pegs (Clothespins)
Synergy Clothing - $75 Gift Certificate
Kitchen + Kraft - Kitchen Tea Towels
ECOlunchbox - Reusable Seal Cup Trio Lunch Boxes
GlassDharma - Various Prizes

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Free Glass Straw from GlassDharma

Read below to find out how to receive a FREE Glass Straw!

GlassDharma is the maker of the original glass drinking straw. Ten years ago we introduced highest quality borosilicate glass drinking straws to the world as an alternative to single use plastics and as a conversation starter about sustainable lifestyles. Since then, we have prevented hundreds of thousands of plastic straws from entering waste streams worldwide and contributed to countless hours of peer-to-peer conversations about disposables, reusables and ways to make a difference. 

Participating in the #1LessStraw campaign is an easy way to join us in making a difference & besides, you can receive a FREE GlassDharma straw!*

OneLessStraw 090816 from 1moregeneration on Vimeo.

We are excited to join forces with Olivia and Carter Ries, the founders of, and to promote their OneLessStraw pledge campaign. This campaign is asking individuals, schools and businesses to join them in taking a pledge to not use or accept plastic straws for the month of October. 

The OneLessStraw campaign strives to educate the public about the dangers of single use plastic straws and how they affect our health, our environment, and our oceans.

Join us and help keep plastic drinking straws out of our landfills, our streams, our oceans, and off our beaches. 

* Take the OneLessStraw Pledge. 

* Encourage your favorite business or school to take the pledge and to only provide plastic straws on request. Also ask for them to use biodegradable or reusable options. 

* Become a Sponsor of the OneLessStraw pledge campaign.

Go to to download and submit a pledge form, get more information and get involved!

As an environmental mission-driven company, it is our honor to partner with and support the OneLessStraw pledge campaign.  We truly hope you join our effort and take the pledge! 

*Here are the guidelines for receiving a FREE glass straw:
1.) Take the OneLessStraw Pledge
2.) Spend $20 or more at
3.) Tell us you took the pledge and request your free straw(s) in the order's comment section at checkout
* $20 minimum excluding shipping costs
* You can receive 1 "Earth Day" straw with each $20 spent
* Offer good through 10/31/2016

info@OneMoreGeneration / 877.664.8426 - Regarding Pledge / 707.964.9350 - Regarding Free Straw

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mid Summer Sip Glass Straw Photo Contest

Mid Summer Sip

Join the fun - win some glass straws!
(via electronic gift certificate)

GlassDharma's 4th annual Mid Summer Sip Photo Contest is underway and runs through July 22nd.

$100.00 gift code grand prize and two $50.00 gift code prizes will be awarded to winners by email. Winners will be contacted via social media for their email contact information.

Our Judging panel will be made up of GlassDharma staff members.

To enter this contest, simply post your glass straw photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtags:

#glassdharma and #midsummersip16

The photos that GlassDharma reposts, retweets, and shares, will automatically be the pool of contestants for the judging to begin.

Winners will be announced in the August Newsletter so make sure sign up here!

Water with Mint garnish and a
Simple Elegance GlassDharma glass straw!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Earth Day 2016: 500 GlassDharma Glass Straw Giveaway!

(Ft. Bragg, CA) - March 1, 2016 – 
How many of us have ordered a drink or glass of water at a restaurant, bar or cafe and noticed how often a single-use plastic straw is automatically placed in our glass? How many of us have ordered a drink and said “no straw please” only to then receive one when your drink was brought out? How many of us have brought our own reusable GlassDharma straw, shown it to the server or barista and then STILL received a plastic one with your drink? ...TOO MANY!

Consumer demand and feedback is a powerful mechanism for influencing company decisions. In honor of Earth Day 2016, we are giving away 1 free straw to each of the first 500 people who write letters to restaurants and restaurant suppliers regarding their plastic straw policies. We will also offer a $100 gift certificate for 2 grand prize winners! *International participants see below.
There are multiple campaigns going on around the world urging restaurants and entire municipalities to adopt "ask first" straw policies and to source plastic straw alternatives. More restaurants, cafes and bars are coming on-board every day, thanks to the inspired and forward-thinking advocacy of people like you! Some cities are even working on initiatives to ban single-use plastic straws altogether! Our last letter-writing campaign had over 600 letters submitted to restaurants worldwide!

You are invited to participate in the GlassDharma Glass Straw Giveaway for Earth Day 2016!

To enter, simply choose a restaurant or restaurant supplier and write a letter to the managers/owners suggesting they take responsibility for the growing amounts of single use straw trash that is clogging waterways, choking wildlife and littering our entire Planet. The letter is intended to spur thought and contain helpful suggestions of how they can be leaders in the changes that will heal our Earth’s trash problems. Keep in mind there are many people that do not even give a thought to where plastic straws might go to once they are “thrown away” or just how many accumulate over time!

Here are the steps to take to receive your free GlassDharma Earth Day Straw and how to qualify for the 2 Grand Prizes

1) Write and send at least 1 letter to a restaurant or restaurant supplier
-- 1st 500 people receive a free Earth Day Straw (*offer for US only - includes free shipping)
-- Each letter gives you 1 entry into the drawing for a $100 gift certificate (unlimited entries per person) This can include international.
-- We will also will award a separate $100 gift certificate to the person who sent the most letters! This can include international.
2) Copy your letter (or 1 version) into an email and send to Please include the contact info of the restaurant AND your personal contact info so that a free GlassDharma glass straw can be mailed to you.
Note: *Contact information for entrants and restaurants must include, full name, phone number, mailing address and email address.
3) In the email you may also let us know your preference for your free Earth Day straw - Ice Tea (9.5mm) or Smoothie (12mm) x 5" +/- 1/4". Honoring your preference depends on availability.  

When you write your letter(s) here are some points you may want to include for restaurants:
  • Suggest that they consider adopting an "ask first" policy before automatically giving out plastic straws (this is a cost savings to them!)
  • Ask that they consider using compostable straws instead of plastic ones
  • Suggest they encourage their customers to bring their own reusable straws (or even selling them at their restaurant!) They could consider offering GlassDharma Straws!
  • Check out for more resources and ideas!
*GlassDharma will award one Grand Prize Winner a $100.00 gift certificate coupon code for the most letters written and one Grand Prize Winner a $100.00 gift certificate coupon code for the winner of the general drawing. Although people outside of the United States are not eligible for the free straw, they can submit letters to be entered into the Grand Prize gift certificates.

*Entries will be received through Earth Day, 4/22/2016. We will start shipping straws the beginning of March but don’t expect your straw before May. The Grand Prize drawing will be held the week after Earth Day and the Grand prize winner for most letters written will also be determined. In case of a tie for most letters written, the names will be put in a drawing.  Winners will be notified by email by April 30th.

*Family participation details - yes, kids can participate. There will be 1 straw per person who writes and sends us their own letter (up to the 500 people). Parents can send the email from their email address but must state that it is from their child with their name included and the letters need to be to different restaurants than their parents.

*While international participants will not be able to receive a free straw due to shipping costs, they can still participate and qualify for the 2 grand prizes. Follow the instructions for how to submit your letters and information via email.
Summary of Details
-- 1st 500 people receive a free Earth Day Straw (offer for US only - includes free shipping)
-- Each letter gives you 1 entry into the drawing for a $100 gift certificate (unlimited entries per person) This can include international submissions.
-- We will also will award a separate $100 gift certificate to the person who sent the most letters! This can include international submissions.
-- Watch our Facebook page for the announcement that 500 people has been reached -
we encourage you to enter early!  
--  Start Date is March 1st
-- Entries due by Earth Day April 22nd
-- Drawing is done and announced by April 30th
-- The Free Earth Day straw has a $9.00 value (including $3 shipping)
-- Email entries to
Note:  There will be an auto-response to your emails of receipt but not necessarily that you have met the criteria for receiving a free straw.  You will receive notification within 1 week of submitting your letter(s) if you have met the qualifications. Please do not contact us until May regarding where your free straw is.

    GlassDharma was founded on the idea of starting with something small, simple and ordinary: a drinking straw! Replacing this one everyday single-use plastic item with a reusable alternative has become a “teaching tool” that inspires many to make a switch toward reducing waste and eliminating the need for plastics in general. GlassDharma’s vision of a clean planet and healthy environment for all who live here is reflected in every straw we sell. Please join us in our call to end single-use plastic straws by participating in our letter-writing campaign!

Happy Earth Day 2016 – from GlassDharma

GlassDharma - sip the world. make a difference.

For more information on GlassDharma, please visit

Questions about Earth Day 2016?
Contact: Gail or Stephanie
Gail Johnson
Partnerships and Promotions

Stephanie Shaffer,
Community Manager

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The History of Free Glass Straws for Earth Day

GlassDharma - The Mission

Forty years ago, the first Earth Day started a revolution of change. Each Earth Day we focus on ideas of Earth Care and how our choices can change and affect the world we live in. Each of us make decisions every day about how our routine practices will affect our planet, a place we will one day leave behind.

Eight years ago, David Leonhardt, founder of GlassDharma decided the best way to get the new idea of reusable straws noticed, was to give them away.  Soon after the GlassDharma company website went live, he began getting the word out that he would give away glass straws for Earth Day.  The word got around and hundreds of people got a free glass straw once they emailed their shipping information to GlassDharma.  Every year since, GlassDharma celebrates Earth day by giving away free glass straws!

“Earth Day is about awareness and about focusing thoughts on something that is important to us.” says Gail Johnson, co-owner of GlassDharma. She continues, “I believe Earth day and the many related activities have made a huge difference in our awareness of our Planet’s needs and how we can best work and play in synergy and with gratitude. People really want to change their ways but often get overwhelmed. We are hungry for small things we can do occasionally… and then more consistently, to help ourselves and our Planet Earth.”

GlassDharma Free Glass Straws for Earth Day Timeline

2008 - David announced he would give away free glass straws for Earth Day on the GlassDharma website.  Hundreds of simple elegance straws were shipping out of Fort Bragg, CA to various locations in the USA.  To this day, many of GlassDharma's customers have emailed saying that this is how they found out that glass straws existed and continue to buy them for gifts for others.  This was the first "unofficial" Earth Day giveaway.

2009 - David Leonhardt gave away over 500 "Simple Elegance" Glass Straws through the website. The giveaway quickly became popular and brought together a huge gathering of people that were willing to share their ideas through emails. The common goal of EarthCare became present throughout their communications.

2010 - Earth Day 2010, David Leonhardt and his wife, Gail Johnson approached CafĂ© Gratitude with the idea to co-brand 1000 Glass Straws to give away at their locations. The successful Earth Day project brought together ideas and philosophies of Food and Gratitude linking to a desire for Planet Care.  Over 1000 straws were given out to customers who visited Cafe Gratitude at different locations.

2011 - GlassDharma gave free glass straws to participants that wrote letters to their favorite restaurants asking them to consider alternatives to plastic straws ar at least to ask the patron before automatically serving beverages with straws in them.  600 letters were written!

2012 - GlassDharma gave Free Glass Straws to participants of an essay contest! . Suggested content was to encourage participants to declare how their glass straws relate to a better world, the Environment, Elegant table-ware, made in USA and/or Personal Joy.

2013 - Pledging PlanetCare was the theme on this Free Glass Straws for Earth Day giveaway and 1300 packages were sent out with contents of a glass straw for GlassDharma a discount coupons form various eco manufacturers that partnered with GlassDharma for this event.  GlassDharma continued the project with additional coupons that were emailed to more participants through Earth Day.

2014 -  This TriviaProject, themed Plastic is Drastic produced 1,000 participants in our Earth Day project in under 48 hours, GlassDharma kept the site live to encourage more participants for the chance to receive a $6.00 coupon code for the value of the Earth Day Straw.  There were over 2,800 entries, which includes the 1,000 free straws shipped, in addition to more than 1,800 coupon codes awarded.

2015 - Participants are asked to view a video and answer some multiple choice questions under the guidance of GlassDharma's own animated "Sipper Hero", the GlassDharma Dude. Participants completed a 3 step process to get a $10.00 coupon to use towards our Earth Day straw and shipping. Over 5,000 participants in just 5 days exploded expectations for this video viewing and questions series event!

2016 - Participants were asked to write letters to restaurants and businesses encouraging them to have an "ask first" policy and/or to replace their single-use plastic straws with a more sustainable option. From this hundreds of letters were written and we received some responses from restaurants! Each participant received a free Earth Day Straw (we have recently started calling the Earth Straws) and we offered the participants who wrote the most letters gift certificates to our webstore.

2017 - Participants are being asked to submit either a YouTube Video and/or an informational graphic with educational information about the negative effects of using plastic-straws and what we can do about it. This year we had 10 different eco-friendly companies donate to the prize baskets! Check out the blog here for more information!

About The Earth Day Straw!

glass straw, earth day, GlassDharma, straw, reusable straw, reuse, glass

The creation of the Earth Day Straw has a two fold purpose, allowing GlassDharma's footprint to lessen at the same time as yours. There is always extra glass when straws are cut; some of this glass is very small in size, and often gets reused by local friends of GlassDharma for crafts and gardening purposes. Other cuts are just shy of being part of the "Shorty" size line, but are just as useful for mugs, short glasses, and stemware; these are our Earth Day Straws! We say they are 5" but this is our one straw that has a +/- variance of ¼" since they are the end of the glass tubing.

The Earth Day Straws are made with the same high quality borosilicate glass using the same specific annealing formula exclusive to GlassDharma straws. Their durability is comparable to all of our other straws and they come with the same Lifetime Guarantee against breakage.